Binding and Twisting into the New Year

Damn good practice today.  I did a lot of binding and twisting.  Bound side angle and bound triangle are a couple of my favorites.  They're wonderful for actively opening the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders.  I also did a couple of pigeon variations (king pigeon still eludes me), and hanumanasana to open up the hips some more.  My hips were actually pretty open to begin with, which surprised me a little after yesterday's practice, which did not include any deep hip openers.  I tried jumping into bakasana a couple more times today.  Close, but no cigar.  I finished up with a bridge, two urdhva dhanurasana (second one on the toes), seated forward bend, headstand (getting better!), child's pose, and a 5-minute savasana.  I would have liked to stay in savasana longer, but these days I get too cold to really relax once my heart rate slows down.

I'm off to work soon.  Duty calls:  The people must have their late night coffee and pancakes!  I'm sure it'll be a wild and crazy time, with all the festivities going on this evening.  Be safe tonight everyone, and have damn good New Year!

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