Dumpster Furniture of a Most Impressive Quality

Today I tried part III of the Ashtanga Primary Series at Yoga Today, led by Adi.  Following 5 surya namaskaras, the standing sequence was a shortened version of the standing sequences of the first two parts of the series:  it involved several standing forward bends, as well as warrior I, warrior II, extended side angle, triangle, and revolved triangle.  The rest of the class was an introduction to the finishing series.  It consisted of 3 backbends (1 bridge, 2 upward bow, though modifications and the option to practice a supported bridge were given), seated forward fold, shoulderstand, plough, ear pressure pose, matsyasana, and headstand.  Not too exciting, though I don't know what I expected.  It was the ashtanga finishing sequence (more or less).  I turned the class off before savasana and, true to my word, practiced jumping from down dog into bakasana about 6 times.  The first time I attempted the jump I surprised myself and came remarkably close, but it all went downhill from there.  I'm finding that my left big toe wants to come to the ground and prop me up, even though my landing feels stable enough to balance from.  With practice...

Most of my apartment is furnished with items that my boyfriend or I have found beside the dumpsters in my apartment complex.  This is not a result of an initial lack of furniture of our own.  We have been systematically replacing our shoddy plastic and metal furniture with beautiful, sturdy, and matching pieces of good quality dumpster furniture.  It's astonishing what some of my neighbors will leave behind when they move.  Taking out the garbage today, my incredible, edible boyfriend spotted an amazing roll-top desk laid by the side of the dumpster.  To be more precise, he spotted the top of a roll-top desk.  The desk has no legs, but it's gorgeous.  And enormous!  We carried it inside (heavy, but so very worth it), and set it in my office on top of what used to be our dining room table.  I now have what appears to be a beautifully handmade oak (or possibly walnut?  I'm no wood expert, contrary to what you may have heard) roll top desk at which to study and write.  I couldn't be happier.

Or maybe I could. This incredible find has spurred a chain of necessary rearrangement of furniture in order to accommodate the desk, and now the apartment is in total disarray (except for my new desk, which I have already neatly arranged to my liking).  Change is good, however, and I'm sure once everything has found its place, and order has been restored, the difference will be delightful.

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