Practice today was sweaty, delightful, and satisfying. The weather was unseasonably warm and humid, so I kept the windows open all day, and practiced luxuriously for over two hours in the moist, fresh air. I held the asanas for as long as I wanted to, practicing extended flows and emphasizing strong hip openers, passive shoulder openers, and deep twists (even practiced revolved triangle, which I count, along with shoulderstand, among my most hated and rarely practiced asanas).

I warmed up the hips with a standing balancing sequence of warrior III, half moon, revolved half moon, and urdhva prasarita eka padasana before working through a few pigeon variations and fire log pose. I substituted a series of sphinx pose, locust pose (first with arms at the sides, then with hands clasped behind the back), half frog pose, and bow pose (twice) for the usual bridge and urdhva dhanurasanas, working on opening the front of the body, and keeping my shoulder blades relaxing down the back. I forgot to do the usual seated twists, but did practice compass pose and astavakrasana. I'm off inversions for the time being, but can't wait to get back to working on my headstand and handstand.

I've been meaning to get to the studio for another class one of these days to smooth over the traumatic memories of the last class I attended, and to test my new eQua mat towel in the ultimate hot/humid environment, though I suspect it will be more than adequate (at the end of my practice today, my clothes were completely soaked, but the towel was suspiciously dry. I enjoy watching the sweat fall to the towel, splatter, and completely disappear, rather than wait for me hazardously on the mat). I haven't felt like going the past few weeks, and now that school is back in session, my timely return to the studio is even less likely. Though I am still considering attending the Ricky Tran workshop in a couple of weeks.

Monday, I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom. I'm talking everything from washing the dog, to vacuuming under the bed, to scrubbing the shower, toilet, sinks, kitchen, and floors. I washed the blankets and sheets, the towels, and every piece of laundry. I busted out the attachment to the vacuum and got all the nooks and crannies. It felt great. Very cathartic. I highly recommend it.

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