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Had a good practice last night. I was noticeably tight in the shoulders and hips after my "rest day" on Sunday, which involved no yoga, but a ten-hour shift at the restaurant. A nagging resistance kept me from practicing until later in the evening than I would have liked, but as always, once I got my ass to the mat, everything fell into place. I started with a nice 10-minute seated meditation, lengthening and equalizing the breath. Then 5 surya As, and 5 surya Bs (2 more each than I normally do, but the flow was so nice and I was in no hurry, I decided to go for a full ten). Then...

warrior I
warrior II
extended side angle
vinyasa, repeat other side.
warrior I (2 breaths)
warrior II
half moon
vinyasa, repeat other side.
utthita hasta padangusthasana A, B, C (1 breath), and D
prasarita padottanasana A, C, and D
warrior I, back heel raised
warrior III
half moon
revolved half moon
urdhva prasarita ekapadasana
vinyasa, repeat other side.
slow motion vinyasa (5 breaths in high plank, 5 in chaturanga, 5 in upward dog, 5 in downward dog)
bakasana, jump back to chaturanga, vinyasa (2 times)
vinyasa, jump through to seated.
upavistha konasana
bound angle
navasana, lift up (4 times)
vinyasa, jump through to seated.
east stretch
marichyasana A
marichyasana C variation
marichyasana D variation
vinyasa, jump through to seated.
"rock-the-baby" (sitting upright, cradling the calf of one leg to the chest)
compass pose
eka pada sirsasana (variation with leg on shoulder, not behind head)
eka pada koundinyasana II
vinyasa, repeat other side.
janu sirsasana A
vinyasa, jump through to seated.
bridge (2 times, 5 breaths each)
urdhva dhanurasana (2 times, 8 breaths each)
vinyasa (couple extra breaths in down dog to stretch the back), jump through to seated.
seated forward bend (ten breaths, 5 interlacing the fingers around the feet, 5 binding at the wrist)
vinyasa, exhale to the knees from down dog
headstand by the wall, 10 breaths
child's pose
several attempts to kick to the wall for handstand, followed by 3 successful attempts, held for a few breaths each, trying to find the sweet spot.
child's pose
vinyasa, jump through
savasana (aaahhh...) for ten mintues.

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