Yoga for the Weak and Feeble

Waking up yesterday afternoon, I was feeling downright feeble. I didn't eat much the day before, and sleep was not restful. I seem to recall waking up shivering a couple of times, and these things definitely took their toll on my body. I was tempted by this feeling of weariness to take my rest day one day early, but resisted the temptation and chose, rather, to ease myself into the day's yoga with a long, rejuvenating supported reclining bound angle pose instead of my usual seated meditation. This was exactly what I needed. A few minutes into the pose, with my eyes closed, breathing into every inch of my body, a little meditation smile came to my face. I felt supremely relaxed, empty, and very much at peace with the world. To think, I almost deprived myself of this lovely experience because of a little fatigue. Some of my deepest meditations have been at times when I have not been feeling well (ill, stressed, exhausted, etc...). Can anyone else speak to this?

I went on to have a damn good practice. I started with three surya A's, and three surya B's, then moved into a strong and lengthening standing sequence, focusing on maintaining lift through the bandhas, and keeping the breath soft. I threw in eagle pose, then grounded my hands and moved from there into flying pigeon (a delicious hip opener), and followed that up later with a couple of pigeon variations on the floor. In spite of feeling a bit weak, I kept the asanas flowing, though my jump throughs today were a bit lacking. Nothing to report on jumping into bakasana. Still slipping. Jumping back from bakasana, though, is easy as pie now that I've got the technique down (or a technique, anyway). Practiced a couple of extra seated twists yesterday, working towards binding (damn these tight shoulders!). Headstand yesterday was pretty good. I lifted up near the wall, bounced my right heel off the wall once to stabilize, then stayed up for 10 good, long breaths. It actually felt pretty stable and comfortable, but for a couple of wobbles. Then I went on to give handstand another try. I had some trouble coordinating myself kicking up, so I practiced some more preparation jumps. Once I kicked up to the wall, I played with pushing off of the wall, balancing for a bit, then tipping back to the wall, just playing with sensation and balance for 10 breaths. I did this twice. I wasn't sure if full backbends would be appropriate for me yesterday, so I tested the waters with a gentle bridge pose. It felt good, so I went on to do two urdhva danurasanas, walking the feet toward my hands, and lifting onto the toes. After a seated forward bend and a vinyasa, I finished up with my new favorite closer, tolasana. Savasana was divine.

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  1. Yes - feeling less than stellar unfortunately provides an excellent chance to pay close attention to what the body wants, what the body needs, and to realize that listening and doing less is sometimes more than enough.