The Way of Things

My practice the past few days has been familiar and methodical. I've avoided setting daily practice goals or planning my flow sequences, and have instead stuck with the basics, focusing heavily on grounding, alignment and, of course, the breath. It's been helpful facing my practice without expectations, and has been the difference between spending time on the mat or not lately, which is really the most important thing.

The breath was the highlight of my practice today. After a lovely fifteen minute meditation, the breath came easily and rhythmically, and stayed long and soft throughout the practice. I have been incorporating more standing forward bends with hands clasped behind the back, working on opening the front of my shoulders, which have always been a problem, and I am starting to notice the difference already. Bridge pose felt very good, with no twinges in my neck or palms. I focused on keeping the knees together, neck long and the shoulders pressing down and back. Everything felt in order, and I was even able to keep my outer wrists pressing into the floor without too much effort from the triceps.

Jump throughs and lift ups are now integral in my practice, and my core is definitely responding. My abs today were noticeably fatigued, so the jump throughs were sloppy, but I expect to emerge from this soreness stronger and lighter. Happily, that tends to be the way of things.

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