10 Damn Good Blogs

After giving it some thought, I have compiled a list of 10 blogs I'd like to recognize here by passing along the Sunshine Award. It seems that this award has made the rounds already, so at least a couple of these will be duplicate recipients, but all of these have enlightened and inspired me in some way in my practice.

1. AnthroYogini - This woman is smart, determined, and damn fit from the sound of it. I enjoy reading about her journey.

2. Yogini with a Twist - An infrequent poster, lately, but she offers some wonderfully thoughtful musings on yoga, and life, and yoga in life.

3. Yoga for Cynics - For your daily dose of cynicism, visit Dr. Jay, who describes himself as "the kind of doctor who, in case of emergency, can explain Faulkner while you die" (Ha! Gets me every time). But be warned: the good doctor laughs in the face of proper punctuation.

4. Prana-Logue - This blog is an ongoing conversation between two yoga teachers. There are some in-depth discussions here on alignment and practice in general, such as this post on lining up the bones.

5. Yoga Gypsy - This yoga teacher knows her stuff, and is generous in imparting her knowledge.

6. Being with Yoga - I just found this blog, but the writing is lovely. Some beautiful thoughts are being communicated by these two yoga teachers.

7. Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama at Home - Grimmly is one hell of a serious student and dedicated home practitioner. His posts always inspire me to hit the books before I hit the mat.

8. On the Mat - I'm sending the award back to Jamie at On the Mat for her frank musings on her personal practice.

9. The Reluctant Ashtangi - Another dedicated practitioner and teacher, whose daily accounts of her experiences on the mat are always honest and inspiring.

10. My Embodiment: Misadventures and Adventures of a Psychotherapist in Yoga School - The name pretty much says it all. An interesting read.


  1. Many thanks for this, too kind. Some blogs here I don't know, nice to come across something new.

  2. Thanks so much! Right back at you - and thanks for the great links! I have found some good new blogs from this list! :)

  3. Hi! Liz, from Prana-logue here.
    Thanks for the props! I'm enjoying browsing your site. Keep the deep thoughts coming! :)

  4. Hi there.

    I'd like to say a sincere and deep thank you for your comments about me & my blog. It's hard to believe that someone thinks highly enough of my meandering, all-over-the-shop blog to rate me so highly.

    Sometimes, I don't think I have much to contribute about the conversation on yoga or anything else (apart from the very narrow thing that I'm 'expert' in - my PhD topic!). However, I'm glad that you've found something there, in all my rantings, that resonates with you.

    Your blog's coming along nicely... I love the 'how to trick yourself into yoga' post.I love that you're using the blog as a record of your efforts. I'm thinking about starting a secret little training blog for my physical training; however, I'm not sure I want to maintain a 3rd blog!

    I hope I've linked you... better check that right now...


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