Yoga Deprivation and a Damn Good Meditation

I hate to admit it, particularly so soon after commenting on consistency and motivation, but it happened again last week: just five days of practice. I had a big assignment due for one of my classes, which demanded most of my time away from work. I took Thursday as my 'rest day' in order to get a big chunk of work done, thinking I'd be able to fit in a practice on Sunday... but alas, it was a no-go on the yoga. I did fit in a quick but intense 30-minute upper body workout of pull-ups and push ups before work (10 overhand pull-ups, 15 push ups, 10 underhand pull-ups, 15 push ups, and so on...).

I had planned to make up for it yesterday with a nice, long practice... but, again, I failed to make this happen. I managed to squeeze in a practice with a 60 minute Yoga Today class, led by Adi, entitled "Cultivate willpower with core exercises," which was brief, and lacking in backbends. I made the most of it, though, working on my vinyasas (lift ups, jump throughs, some jump backs, and always, bandhas). It was a decent class, with good focused core work, but I can't say it was satisfying for me. I had taken this class before, several months ago, and I remembered it being especially challenging. This time around I was pleased to note that I hardly broke a sweat, and I was beefing up the sequence with dynamic vinyasas. It's nice to see clear evidence of improvement once in a while, even if it means going through the motions in a boring class.

So, I have been staying active, even though my practice has been a little short-changed. It's the meditation that I'm missing most. No meditation on Sunday or Monday has taken its toll. I can feel the accumulation of junk-thoughts in my mind. The mass is growing denser. It needs to be released.

On the subject of meditations, my meditation practice Saturday night was astounding and indescribable. I hesitate to try to put it into words, for fear of trivializing the experience. Let me just say that I completely fell away from the world, and hovered in the vacancy. Then I was violently sucked back into the physical, with accompanying imagery, and propelled into my asana practice, my mind still wind-blown from the experience.


  1. Try not to be so hard on yourself. It's not as if you're missing your yoga practice because you're busy doing drugs in an alley somewhere or robbing liquor stores (at least I hope not! *wink wink*) It sounds like you're also bettering yourself with an education while holding down employment. I know it feels stiff and uncomfortable to miss a practice, but you are only one person and there are only so many hours in a day. Don't think about the ways you've "fail"ed yourself in the past seven days...because none of us are perfect. I'm proud of you for what you do get done on the mat! : )

  2. Aww, thanks, Jaime! I do try to let the missed practice days be exercises in compassion toward myself and flexibility in my life. It helps to keep the inner critic at bay, but it's true that falling out of one's routine can be a little jarring.