The Magic Dumpster

The bed in my home has been a foam mattress on the floor for the past six years. My man and I have always loved the bohemian simplicity of the mattress on the floor, the freedom it allows, and the silence. Why would anyone want a big, bulky bed frame? What's the point? I had always wondered. Well... I wonder no more.

I washed our bed sheets and blanket last week, and decided to take the opportunity to flip the bare mattress, which I do a few times a year, and lo and behold, beneath the mattress, what did I find but HORROR OR HORRORS! MOLD! I felt violated, shocked, disgusted, appalled, and mortified. How did this happen? Will it make us sick?? Strangely, the floor beneath the surface of the mattress was cold and damp. We still don't know why the floor is damp, but it seems to be coming from the bottom up, not from the top down.

So that's why people have beds.

Upon discovering the growth beneath the mattress, we cleaned and disinfected the floor, then turned on a fan and laid the mattress against the wall to let things dry out. I decided immediately that we would need to get a bed. Anything, really, to elevate the mattress a bit, to get us off that damp, cold floor... but I'm a thrifty gal. Money is tight right now, and the last thing I should be throwing my funds at is furniture.

As I've mentioned before, most of our apartment is furnished with dumpster finds. We live in a fairly large apartment complex in an evolving urban neighborhood, and people are constantly moving in and out. Fortunately for us, a thriving furniture exchange has developed, which means there is often a nice lamp, sofa, or sometimes a whole living room set lain out carefully on the lawn behind the dumpsters.

It always happens so conspicuously: every time we need something for our home, it appears behind the magic dumpster. Among the items that have been provided by the dumpster are:

matching sofa and loveseat
two coffee tables
three side tables
two storage chests
two desks
two desk chairs
two floor lamps
big gong
3 wooden storage bins
two book shelves

And the newest dumpster find... (drumroll please!)... a bed!

That's right. Wednesday, we needed a bed. By Saturday, we had one. It had been carefully disassembled, with all the planks and drawers (yes, 6 drawers beneath the new bed. Hooray for space-efficient storage!) in organized piles, with all the screws in place. Awesome. I roused the man from a deep sleep to help me carry it inside. I put it back together, and everything fit perfectly. It's very nice. And free!

Thank you, Magic Dumpster.


  1. Wow! Magical indeed! Hope your mold problem goes away : )

  2. Got excited half way through was going to suggest a couple of pallets, used those for a bunch of years with an old futon thrown on top, but magic dumpster provides.