Revolved Standing Sequence for Buttery Hips

I seem to be accumulating a small yoga debt this month. Just five practice days again this week (aiming for six days a week). I've been hunched over my laptop (trying to work on my typing posture... it's not good) writing and writing and writing for one of my classes. It's a fiction writing class, short stories, and it takes a lot out of me. Lots of writing, which is also why I haven't posted in several days. Sometimes writing does not beget more writing.

Anyway, as for the yoga, my practices have been focused and fundamental. I've been playing with some different standing sequences, and Friday I mixed things up with this lovely revolved standing sequence:

- Warrior I (5 breaths)
- Bring hands to heart, exhale over the bent knee to parivritta parsvakonasana with hands in prayer position for 5 breaths (practiced this revolved side angle with the back heel on the floor. I've always done the high-lunge version of this pose, but was feeling experimental. Wow, but it's an entirely different asana altogether trying to ground through the back foot. My hips were being pulled from all directions.)
- Bring bottom hand to floor, reach up with top hand, deepen the twist for 5 breaths
- Inhale the front leg straight to parivritta trikonasana for 5 breaths (this vinyasa was a challenge. I had to shorten my stance a bit, and actually brought both hands to the floor on either side of the front foot before straightening the leg to work the forward bend before the twist.)
- Inhale and shift the weight forward to parivritta ardha chandrasana for 5 breaths (by this time, my outer hip was really opening up -- lots of sensation and heat from the long twist.
- Inhale to warrior II for two breaths
- Exhale to vinyasa
- Repeat on the other side.

For the rest of my practice, I felt like the Tin Man who had just won a complimentary lube job. The normal knots and sensations around my hips joints were completely gone -- nothing but smooth, unobstructed mobility. Seriously, like butter. It was really amazing. I think I'll try that sequence again today. Maybe I can smoothen the transition between revolved side angle and revolved triangle some more.

Smoothen? That's a funny word.


  1. I was actually taught that your stance for side angle should be a bit wider than triangle, so that your knee comes over the ankle in side angle. But then I have also had teachers correct my triangle and tell me to take a wider stance, so who knows? Guess whatever feels best is best. :)

  2. I agree, regarding the width of stance in triangle versus side angle, though I do tend to take a wide stance in triangle. That's actually what I was trying to convey with my description, I guess it's a little jumbled. I had to shorten my stance from revolved side angle before coming into revolved triangle.

  3. I lovet the word "buttery". How perfect!

  4. i like it! this is a sequence I love to play around with, popping up into ardha chandrasana can release so much energy when that back leg flies!