The Big Announcement Post

Okay, here it is... the big announcement:  I'm in!  After some email exchange with Kurt Johnsen, the founder of APY, he assured me that the training will indeed be going forward, and that it's looking like the class will be full.  I signed up this afternoon.  The session begins June 11th, and I'm excited.

I have a feeling this experience is going to shake things up a little bit, life-wise.  I've been working the same schedule for the past four years, but I'll need to negotiate different hours at the restaurant in order to accommodate the teacher training, school, work, and sleep.  I was thinking this was going to be difficult, but last night I was asked if I'd be interested in moving to a new location the company is opening as part of the "opening team."  This move would allow me to essentially choose my schedule for the summer, which would solve the "no time for sleep" dilemma.  It's tentatively looking good.

The reading list for the training course is fairly light:  The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, How Yoga Works, A New Earth, and  the Tao Te Ching, but of course, neither of the translations that I currently own.  I was pleased to see the Tao on the list, though.  Apparently, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior is a novel (?), which, according to the Amazon.com review, appeals to "certain male readers" who "especially appreciate the coming-of-age theme, the haunting love story with the elusive woman Joy, and the challenging of Western beliefs about masculine power and success."  Anti-machismo masculinity?  I could get behind that, I guess.  Amazon customer buddha18 says of the book, "part jedi, part ninja -- all awesome."   Anyone have some more insight on this?

I asked about the anatomy component of the course during the open house question & answer session, and he said we'll have two workshops with a physical therapist.  I would have liked to see an anatomy reference in the reading list, but I suppose I already have a couple of those.  I've done some reading, and the books I have are very good, but I haven't taken an anatomy class since high school.  I hope the workshops are thorough.

I stayed behind to ask Kurt a few more questions after the Q & A.  He was very receptive.  He spoke of teaching one's own practice, which I found reassuring.  I asked him a vague question about the lineage of the asana practice he teaches, and got an appropriately vague answer.  But I've been doing my research, and I've watched some videos of his practice and teaching style, and, based on what I've seen, I look forward to working with him.


  1. Congrats! I think you'll be happy with your decision. You have a lot of passion and inspiration to share with the world : )

  2. Congrats! I'm totally excited on your behalf! Sounds like the universe is lining up with you - serendipity is always a good sign!

    The book you mention really reminds me of a movie I once saw about a gymnast and his mentor... It will be cool to see what you think of it!

    Anatomy was my toughest subject in my TT. I am still learning! My advice would be not to put too much pressure on yourself to know 'everything' during your TT. It's a constant learning process, and even more, a constant experiencing process.

  3. Congratulations! I think this is fabulous. I can't wait to follow along on your journey (if you blog it).

  4. Thanks, all! I'm stoked.

    La Gitane - I think the movie you mentioned may be based on the book. I saw somewhere in the book reviews I was reading a reference to "the movie." I think the movie goes by the same name as the book.

  5. Great news, look forward to hearing about it, will be starting my own about a week after yours. Was thinking of picking up a couple of those yoga anatomy DVD's before it starts, give that session something to sit on, only anatomy I have relates to brain science. My problem is I haven't injured myself enough, don't know my psoas from my elbow