All Things are Temporary

Whew!  Am I ever glad that week is over.  I managed to finish both of my projects for school without having to take an extra day off of work, and made it to the teacher training open house at the studio on Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately, it was not the decisive affair I had hoped it would be.  The studio is relatively new, it opened for business about a year ago, and though the classes I've attended have usually been crowded, the open house was pretty scarce.  Apparently, the training will not be going forward unless they have ten students who wish to enroll (though no more than twenty will be accepted), so things are currently in limbo.  Not a good sign, really.  We'll see what happens.  Sorry I don't have any big announcements for you...  Oh, wait!  I do have one: the boyfriend found a job this week.  HOORAY!  I'm so relieved.

As for my practice, it's been hurried and compromised for the past several days, and I'm aching for a good long session on the mat.  I had only five days of practice this week in order to get my school work done, and practice on Thursday was just the essentials:  suryas, hip openers, and headstand.  Thankfully, tomorrow should end this trend and leave me with ample time to practice.

While I prefer not to be rushed, I do find that time constraints keep my practice especially focused.  When I need to limit my time on the mat, I scan the body closely and go right for what it really needs.  Headstand practice has become absolutely essential.  It wipes my mind completely clear by demanding every last bit of my concentration.  My awareness is recruited entirely into the present.  I wonder if this will continue to be true as I find more ease in the asana... I hope so.

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  1. Congrats to the boyfriend :)

    It's funny what you say about headstand practice. It has the opposite effect on me. As though everything is tipped into my head for me to think about.... My relationship with the King of Asanas is an odd one...