It is finished.  The semester is over.   I am now free to look forward to teacher training in June with giddy anticipation.  Plans for the coming week are as follows:  sleep and yoga.  The next week, I'll be flying to my Midwestern homeland to visit with the family (I intend to take my mat, but practice will likely be limited.  They might get concerned if I spend most of my time there doing headstands on the lawn).  Then I come back, and it's right back to the grindstone with classes, work, YTT, and personal practice.

I'll be able to maintain my home practice in the midst of all this, right?

I've been struggling with some doubts about my stamina for the jam-packed summer ahead of me, but if there is one thing that the practice of yoga has taught me, it is that my doubts are irrelevant and, therefore, to be dismissed.  Still, I can't imagine life without my home practice, but I need to be honest with myself:  unless my classes are incredibly easy, my home practice is likely going to be the sacrificial lamb this summer.  I still haven't been able to negotiate a different schedule at work that will allow for a sufficient sleep regimen.  It's sort of an awkward situation; it seems, at this juncture, that either someone needs to quit or someone needs to get fired in order for me to be able to get the schedule I need.  Such is the dog-eat-dog world of food service.  But there's time.  It'll work out.  It always does.

In the meantime, my practice has suffered.  This was the first week in about six months that I have gone two consecutive days without my regular asana and meditation practice.  That is not to say that I haven't been doing yoga:  there was plenty of pranyama and restorative practice to be had during finals week -- think victorious breathing and headstands in lieu of naps.  On the bright side, my back is feeling better, perhaps from the relative "rest," or inactivity, and of course the massage the boyfriend doled out yesterday was immensely helpful.

But, as I said, the plan, beginning with today, is sleep and yoga.  I'm off to bed soon after a good dinner from the restaurant and a couple glasses of wine -- an Australian shiraz, if you must know.  I haven't had one of these in a couple of years... too showy for my taste, but I was feeling bold and liberated last night when I bought it, so I'm enjoying it's unabashed oaky bigness now... though I maintain it's a little jammy.  Needs food.

Anyway, as regular readers may have noticed, the Asana of the Week has been absent for the past two weeks.  Do not fear.  The feature will return, with a vengeance.  With the boyfriend suddenly working again after a long stint of unemployment, I forget that he's not at my beck and call to do a photo shoot whenever I get the inspiration, so we have not, as yet, been able to coordinate this.  But we'll manage, or I'll take the damn photos myself.

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  1. Congrats on finishing the semester! A week of sleep and yoga sounds fabulous and well deserved!