Hibernation Tendencies

It's finals week. The very thought of it exhausts me, but it also means I'm almost, just about, very nearly at the end of the semester. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I'll only have two weeks off before the summer semester begins, but that's enough. It'll have to be. Then two weeks after that, teacher training kicks in. Oy. Thinking of it all, I just want to curl up for a good long nap.

It's been tough getting my practices in. I'm often torn between studying and practice... on the one hand, I need to study and complete my projects and just get this stuff done, but on the other hand, if I don't get my asana and meditation in, I might just hurt someone, badly... probably myself, by way of red wine, pizza, and pastry. But I was good today. I went to class, did the laundry, finished most of the work for one of my projects, and got a good, long practice in. Then I had a light dinner of watermelon and bananas accompanied by sprouted wheat toast with red raspberry and pomegranate jam, followed by some mint tea with local honey. Very nice.  Speaking of local honey, what's this about consumption of local honey as preventative treatment for seasonal allergies?  I've been buying the local stuff for the past year and half or so, and I've had no allergies to speak of, in enormous contrast with previous years.  I realize this is not exactly empirical evidence, but I wonder if it hasn't helped.

The air here is still thick with moisture, so I had another torrential sweat going on during my practice today. I love breaking a good sweat, but I hate that same sweat seeping into my eyes and nose. I especially hate it in the nose, but there doesn't seem to be any way around it, so I end up in downward dog after a strong sequence, breathing my own sweat. It's gross. I do keep a towel handy for wiping the old brow once in a while, but I don't let myself grab it until I complete the vinyasa. Maybe I'll get used to the sweat someday. I have often been amazed at what I find myself adapting to after time, though I suppose I shouldn't be. It's human, it's what we do.

Standing practice was good today, though the humidity was bothering me at first. Once I started sweating, it was alright, but it felt downright oppressive until then. I had a few more good jump backs, and a really strong and stable bakasana-tripod headstand-bakasana-jump back sequence. The seated twists were also good, as my hips were nice and open, and I hadn't eaten a whole lot throughout the day before my practice. My back is still making a little noise. It's starting to feel like a bruise, just sort of a dull, warm sensation. The first urdhva dhanurasana was interesting, accommodating this seemingly hardened ridge along my spine. During the second and third urdhva dhanurasanas, it was alright. It felt better, actually, if a little tired after the backbends. I'm hoping it will pan out to be some sort of revelatory opening/strengthening breakthrough, but for now, I'm being cautious.

Update on the plantar wart battle: They seem to be succumbing to the awesome power of Dr. Scholl's. The huge one on the ball of my foot is much smaller, so much so that it doesn't bother me to put pressure on it anymore. I'm optimistic that the salicylic acid siege will win out in good time.