Teacher Training: Week 3

YTT is really moving along. My days are completely saturated with yoga. It's fantastic.

Last week we read The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. It's a Karate Kid-type tale. In other words, the story is a simplified introduction to Eastern philosophy. It's a little bit yoga and a little bit martial arts with a distinctly Taoist flair. The narrative is clumsy, and the characters are blaringly symbolic. I appreciated the central idea, but the delivery was less than eloquent. I'd recommend it for a younger audience. This week we're reading How Yoga Works, which, disappointingly, is another philosophy primer disguised as a novel. Irritating as this may be, I will try to remain open and positive, and absorb what I can.

The nutrition challenge this week is to cut all gluten from our diets. The refined sugar prohibition last week was no problem, but all wheat? This will be difficult. I really like my whole grain toast for breakfast in the morning, and I consider the sandwich in it's copious manifestations to be the perfect meal. I'm still chugging a gallon of water a day. At first this seemed like a lot, but with as much yoga as I've been doing, I've needed every drop of it.

The daily practice schedule is the assigned morning routine (30-40 minutes of tai chi, chi gung, and meditation), one studio class, and, most days, a home practice later in the evening. It's a lot, but rather than feeling tired or overworked, my strength level has gone through the roof. I am strong like bull. Even the ankle is healing rapidly. The bruises are already fading, and the swelling is minimal. The sprain has not affected my practice too much. Just a few modifications are necessary. The controlled motions of yoga actually seem to be good for it.

We had another energy workshop this past weekend. The purpose of these workshops is becoming more clear. They seem to be about developing one's intuition and honing the ability to project one's energy onto others in a positive way. Awareness -- this, I can get behind. We're also starting to get into the meat of pose specifics and sequencing, which I am glad of, probably because this is an area I feel comfortable in and very much enjoy discussing. I am an asana nerd, I can admit it.

We are not meeting for training this coming weekend because of the 4th of July holiday, so over the next two weeks I'm left to my own devices, though I do have lots of homework to keep me occupied, yoga and otherwise.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful training! I kinda wish we would have had a nutritional component to ours! It's much more challenging to give up sugar, etc.. without it being homework!

  2. Here's to healing and strength!

    I will be interested to see how they wrap up the nutritional stuff... There is nothing essentially "yogic" about a dairy free or gluten free diet, for example (the ayurvedic texts are all about dairy) - do you think it's more about the food awareness / discipline element??

    Cool that the energy stuff is coming together. I think it's hugely important for us to be aware of a) what kind of energy we are projecting - especially if you are interested in therapeutic yoga - and b) what kind of energy our students are projecting, so we know best how to teach them and what they need in those moments.

    Cool stuff!

  3. I think the nutritional challenges are about breaking out of old habits, which are mindless activities, and bringing awareness into what we choose to eat and how it affects our bodies.

  4. i think too that in India, they need't suggest that yogis eat no highly processed garbage food, since they don't produce it as we do in the West. And god knows they're cows are treated a helluva lot better than the atrocities we inflict on ours.

  5. Where in Wisconsin is this YTT? please.

  6. I would never survive a week without wheat. How sad is that? Sounds like your training is going really well. Have fun!

  7. I'm so glad your ankle is healing quickly. I'm also very interested in the nutritional component of your training - very cool.

    We read How Yoga Works in my second level TT/mentorship program. I had a hard time getting through it, but I did get some things out of it. One particularly memorable idea in it is that we should practice yoga for others (ie., dedicate our practice to others) - I like this concept a lot.