Tragedy Strikes!

Well, maybe not quite tragedy... more like misfortune. Last night I sprained my left ankle. I was walking from my car to the restaurant to begin a much needed money shift when I stepped on a rock coming down a little muddy hill. My clumsy, heavy, blister-inducing non-slip shoe went one way and my foot went the other. I heard/felt the stretch and crunch, followed immediately by a POP. Damn it! Teaching training! -- the first words to run through my head when I felt the unmistakable rapid swelling of a sprain, which I've experienced more than a few times... It's kind of funny. I've been mindful of tightening up my half lotus and lotus postures lately, bringing the heel into the hip crease to lessen the stretch of the outer ankle, with the prevention of exactly this sort of thing in mind. Apparently, my precautions were too late.

And just when it was all going so well. I've been continuing with my self-imposed two-practices-per-day challenge (the training calls for at least 1 class per day), and I am loving it. I'm really enjoying heading off to the studio every day for a class, then eating, resting, and doing a home practice to meditate and cement what I've learned. All this yoga is already producing interesting results. I'm definitely stronger. My jump backs have improved big time. My shoulders are more open. And I'm more able to relax into the rhythm of a class, any class, than I was just a week ago.

I'm still optimistic about teaching training, in spite of the ankle. I don't think this will put me completely out of the game. I'll just have to modify a bit and be careful. It feels like a mild sprain. I can walk pretty much normally already. I soaked it in epsom salt, and I've been icing for 20 minutes every hour, keeping the foot elevated. It just hurts to point the foot fully, and probably to stand on my toes, though I haven't tried it. We'll see how it goes this evening at the 5:30 class. Fingers crossed.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the sprain. I hope it's a mild one and your practice (and YTT) is minimally affected!

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear that. Maybe you can use the mandatory rest from your practice to study up on the teaching side? Take notes on language teachers use, or write down sequences, or practice your assists? Those were all options to us in our TT if we were taking a moon day or were otherwise not able to practice.

    Hope it heals quickly!! Whatever you do, don't overdo it and worsen the sprain. Yoga is about nurturing ourselves, too!

  3. You've already got such a strong practice....what do you think it is that is bringing so many positive shifts?

  4. Kai - Thanks for the well wishes!

    La Gitane - I'm going to try to continue with the practice, albeit very, very carefully. It's definitely a milder sprain. The swelling has only reached golf ball size, no grapefruit-sized ankle this time.

    Yoga365 - The positive shifts in my practice? Well... I think the big thing for me is realizing that I can be generous with my energies. I've always had a tendency to hold back, to worry about the well running out, but practicing this much (4+ hours a day) has shown me that if I just decide to be strong in the present, my body will do the rest so long as I treat it with respect.

  5. Wow, 2 practices a day? Sounds like your body is telling you you need some rest. Practice can be addictive (I love it too!), but sometimes less is more. I also learned the hard way through injuries...

  6. ouch! so sorry to hear about your ankle. i squealed with pain just reading about it! hope you feel better soon.

  7. Anon - Actually, apart from the ankle sprain, which I don't think is in any way related to all the asana practice (I've sprained this ankle at least twice before, so it's weak), all the yoga has me feeling pretty awesome.

    Jamie - Thanks so much! I practiced today and it wasn't too bad, so I'm sure I'll be feeling better soon.

  8. Teacher training's ripen karma.

    This ankle exercise helped me release the stagnation when I twisted my ankle earlier this year - Sit in Vajrasana, hands by the hips, and lift your knees. Hold for 1-2 minutes. When the pain has released, grab the knees and pull them toward you. If it's too much, wait until your body is ready for it.

    That goes for teacher training too. If your body needs something else, wait, and the right training will happen. I wish I'd sat out my last one and made a different choice, when tragedy hit, I really do. But if your teacher is sensitive, it should be all right.

    Wishing you all the best, and rapid healing!!