Asana of the Week: Tittibhasana

My awareness has been heavily in my tight hip flexors this week, so here's a pose that'll do the same for you. And you may be asking yourself, "why are the bottom of her feet orange?" The answer is: I have no idea. Always have been. Deal with it.

Tittibhasana, also known as Firefly Pose, is more often than not a transition from one pose to another in asana practice, but if you stop and hang out here for a second, you'll notice your abs and hip flexors burning brightly. Until recently, I had always practiced this pose as a continuation of Bhujapidasana (arm-pressure balance), but I've been working it into my sequences more creatively. My new favorite way to practice this pose is to flow from Bakasana to Tittibhasana and back. Eventually, I'd like to make that Bakasana to handstand to Tittibhasana and back... I can dream, can't I?

It's a strong pose, and fun to flow into and out of, but if you're not ready to flow with it, start from a wide legged forward fold, bend the knees, and tuck the shoulders behind the legs one at a time, grounding the hands behind you slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Remember to grip the floor strongly with the fingertips to keep the weight off the heels of the hands. Then slowly bend the knees more deeply and shift the weight back onto your palms, eventually lifting the feet from the floor and balancing with the legs draped over the shoulders/upper arms, squeezing in. If this feels okay, straighten the legs. They'll probably come parallel to the floor, so try to tuck the tailbone under, rounding the back as much as possible, using the strength of the core to bring the hips down and forward, rather than trying to lift the legs higher.  Engage the lower abdominals strongly to ease the work of the hip flexors.

Readers:  how's your Tittibhasana coming along?


  1. You are the cutest. Love the photo.

    My titti-B is coming along - the more I SQUEEZE the inner leg, the higher my legs lift into the air.

  2. My feet (when not filthy which is most of the time in the summer) are also orange. Have been since I was a kid. I wonder why?

    My titti-B is kind of working slowly. My butt is made of lead and never lifts off the floor....

  3. Michelle -- Aww, geez. Thanks :)

    Rachel -- Orange footed, as well? You've got freckles and fair skin, too, don't you? Maybe it's a package deal.