Home, Sweet Home

I had my first full home practice session today in about a week. It was truly glorious. There really is no place like home.

I've been spending a lot of time at the studio over the past couple of weeks, keeping my home practice to meditation, inversions, and intermittent brief restorative sessions. At first, it felt strange to be moving through my practice in silence, but very quickly the familiar rhythm of the breath against the hum of the humidifier wrapped me in it's lovely, familiar embrace. No music, no instruction -- just the breath, body, and mind.

I realized today that, as much as I've come to love going to classes daily and teaching the boyfriend at home, I have missed my solo practice immensely. I also realized that all this yoga is making me very, very strong. I floated through and hovered on every jump through and got every one of my jump backs easily, even the one right after my navasana/lift-up sets... I don't remember that happening before... ever. And it's interesting because I don't get to do a whole lot of those transitions in the classes I take at the studio - maybe one of each in an hour-long class, so it's not technique. It's pure strength and lightness from working more on my foundational practice. I'd venture to guess that the accumulated hours I've spent in plank pose along with the hundreds of times I've been reminded to tuck my tailbone since teacher training began might have something to do with it. Fundamentals, people. Just like coach said.

After a truly sublime savasana in my sacred space, I took a quick shower and headed off to the studio for one of my favorite classes of the week. It was delightful, as always. She taught the class with an emphasis on floating, practicing donkey kicks, aka shakti kicks, with every nearly every vinyasa. We were also given the option to try taking a handstand from standing splits, which was tempting, but I practice so many handstands with the help of the wall at home that I fear the worst would happen if I were to try handstanding at the studio: I'd kick up too strongly, do a backflip, hurt myself and probably someone else in the process. I never try it in the open, at least not wholeheartedly. That's probably something I should start working toward. I fear I'll never get off the wall if I don't start trying it now. What's the worst that could happen? Face plant? Bruised heels? Broken neck? Eek. Maybe I'll lay out some pillows... a mountain of pillows. They'll save me, right?


  1. You could try the handstand by the bed. If you fall, you don't have as far to go, but you also don't have the wall to use as a crutch.

  2. My mattress sits in a wooden frame, I think it would snap my spine if I came down on it... Good thought for a traditional elevated bed, though. I actually did try laying out a mountain of pillows the other day, bit the bullet and went for it away from the wall... or so I thought. I wasn't quite far enough from the wall to fall to the floor. Instead my feet came to the wall, leaving me in an enormous, arcing backbend. It was actually pretty cool. I flipped back and forth from the floor to the wall, trying to catch myself in the center. Got a couple good hovers, and had fun with the acrobatic flipping to and fro. Not what I was aiming for, but interesting nonetheless.