Teacher Training: Misanthropic Yogini, RYT

My training is finished and beginning all over again. The past four days have felt like weeks. Graduation weekend was a blur.... So much yoga, so little sleep. Sunday was our last day, and I kicked us off that morning with my presentation. It went smoothly. I fashioned a 30 minute class based very closely on my home practice to share with the group. When it was all over, instead of feeling accomplished or relieved, I felt numb, just floating there in limbo waiting for some guiding force to beckon me in any direction. After the certificates were distributed to the graduates, we all looked at each other expectantly, all wondering what now?

That night, in the spirit of celebration, the boyfriend and I decided to make some changes. We rearranged the apartment: the yoga space has been moved, quite symbolically, from the back of our home to the front. The living room has been transformed into a lovely practice space, possibly even lovely enough for me to teach private sessions in our home. And now that yoga is something that the boyfriend and I share, having the space in a more central, open location seems fitting somehow. I had my first full practice since graduation in the new space this afternoon, and I feel compelled to say it: that was some damn good yoga.

I had been pouring over how to begin my job search over the past couple of weeks, wondering how to present myself as a capable teacher without a lick of professional experience on my resume. I'm happy to say things seemed to have worked out for themselves. Yesterday, just one day after YTT graduation, the studio owner offered me a teaching position, a regular gig! I taught my first class last night on very short notice, with just over an hour to prepare a sequence and playlist. He called me at close to 7 yesterday evening, and I went spinning into a mad dash -- Write a sequence! Shower! Playlist! What the hell kind of music should I play? Is my mp3 player charged? No?! I think the hurried preparation may have worked to my advantage: I had no time to get nervous. The class went really well.

It was a slow flow vinyasa, the Monday Night Wind Down at 8:45, so my job was to help people shed the baggage from their day and send them off to bed in a state of bliss. I did my best. There was so much more I wanted to say, things I didn't say that I feel I should have said and things I know I could have said better, but I'm beginning to sense that will always be the case. I had about 30 students show up, of varying experience levels, which was far more than I had expected. I led them through a gentle standing sequence, just enough to warm the body, then we came to the floor for some nice hip openers and twists. I think I saw at least a few yoga-stoned faces walking out of there after class. Mission accomplished. :)


  1. Hooray!!!! Congrats on finishing and on teaching your first real class!!

    As you say, the real learning experience is just beginning. :)

    Cheers to our newest blogsphere Yoga Teacher!!

  2. Congratulations and welcome!!

    And also hurray for serendipity. I find things work out if we try not to think too hard about them!!

  3. Amazing! Congratulations and way to go on the first class! Yoga-stoned faces are a great accomplishment!

  4. Congrats! I have the same struggle with words. I want to tell the class everything I know about the pose but I don't want to talk them to death, either.

    I'm so happy for you. I wish we were closer so I could take one of your classes : )

  5. Wow, congratulations on both your certification, first class, and landing a regular class. Well done!

  6. Congrats! I love how it all begins to work out, just as you begin to wonder about it. If I ever make it down to Austin again, I'll have to check out one of your classes :)

  7. Congratulations!! That is so wonderful & I wish I could take your classes. Been pondering teacher training recently myself, & how I want to go back & do it all again.
    Feel that way yet? :)

  8. Thanks for the love, everyone! I've had a few days to let it all soak in, and I couldn't be happier with the way things have unfolded.