Teacher Training: Week 8

Just four weeks left of training. I am spending a good deal of time thinking and not thinking about what comes next. I have so many questions. Where do I look for my first job? What type of class should I design for my auditions? What, exactly, do my qualifications mean? This group of trainees is the first to come from this particular program hosted by this studio, and I'm wondering how we will be received. Fortunately and unfortunately, this is a town bursting with yoga. Studios of all types are popping up everywhere, but they're also putting out a lot of new teachers, and drawing more experienced teachers from other areas. It seems nearly everyone I talk to knows someone, or knows someone who knows someone else, who's been through YTT once or twice. Yikes.

It's an intimidating scenario, but all it really means is that I'll need to find a way to set myself apart (*insert toothy optimistic grin here). I've been practice teaching quite a bit, meeting with the other trainees and teaching full classes to my own budding yogi at home. Both forums are helping immensely. I also watched the first half of a Yoga Today class with Adi, my long-time yoga crush, and came away with a full page of notes on how to say things in intensely descriptive yet concise language. Her way of teaching really speaks to me; I credit her Yoga Today classes for propelling my practice into a whole new realm of peace and strength. It's those sneaky little verbs, like "claw the earth," "sweep the arms," and "present the heart" that awaken essential actions in the body through imagery and metaphor. I'm considering subscribing to the site again just to study her classes.

Our training session this past weekend was all teaching drills, beginning with setting up a class, leading the class through a series of warm up postures, Sun Salutations A and B, and then transitioning through a series of four or five asanas. Speaking with the flow of the breath is coming more naturally, and my intonation and projection is improving. I'm also getting better at talking while practicing along with the students without feeling winded; I wondered when that would happen. As far as I can tell, it looks like the rest of our training sessions together will be much like the last one, putting in as much time as possible practice teaching each other, refining our voices, figuring out how to communicate everything we've learned.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your teacher training experiences. I love them.

  2. Thank you, Michelle! Writing about the training course has been really helpful in sorting out all this new information in my boggled brain, and the support I've received from readers has been so encouraging.