Teacher Training: Week 9

This week has been dubbed the Week of Healing. We have been given the blessing to attend as many or as few classes as we like. Our assignment is to get a massage or two, take hot baths, and thoroughly relax. As a whole, I think the group really needed this. People are getting frustrated and a little bit scared. Break downs are happening more frequently. The energy of the trainee clan has morphed from receptive and jovial to something nervous and edgy. We have just three weeks left. To those of you who've gone through teaching training in the past, I ask: is this normal?

Training days have become grueling, tedious affairs of one person after another setting up a class and leading a short sequence of warm ups followed by a few poses. We take turns, playing the student until our turn rolls back around, when we have to assume the role of teacher, and lead a group of bored, tired, short-tempered students who seem to be stuck in the ninth circle of yoga hell. By Sunday afternoon, we were all ready to get out of there.

Maybe I'm being melodramatic... Personally, I don't mind it all that much, but suffice it to say that the vibes this weekend were not good.

I think I will be taking advantage of this extra free time I've been gifted with some yoga anatomy and/or philosophy reading (I can't decide, we'll see which takes it) and luxurious restorative sessions in my yoga space at home. That's the plan, anyway. Yesterday, I did not go to a class or practice at home, but chose to use the day to catch up on some things I've been neglecting in my life-encompassing yogic pursuits. I tidied up the apartment, vacuumed for the first time in weeks, disinfected the kitchen, hung out with the boyfriend, biked to the grocery store, and nearly finished a paper for my Art History class from start to finish all before heading off to work. Hoorah! It was not rest, exactly, but these things were needed in order to allow for relaxation to even begin to happen.

I'm still teaching the boyfriend 60-90 minute classes at home at least a few days a week. This past week, I decided to ween myself from my sequence notes, and taught the classes completely free of notes without any trouble. Though our classes take place in our living room, I have been maintaining as formal a class structure as possible and he has humored me faithfully. I cannot express how enormously helpful his involvement and support has been in my study and growth as a teacher. The joy it brings me to see him reacquaint himself with his body, to explore and breath and feel, assures me that I have made the right decision in choosing to share this path with others. He has begun to ask questions about how to access certain tensions in his body and what these sources of tension mean... I'm so excited for him, and though I can't say whether he'll want to continue with our classes once I'm on my way to teaching "real" classes, I can be glad with this seed that's been planted.


  1. The YTT I attended spanned almost a year. I do recall getting a case of 'the blahs' as the final month rolled around and I was fed up with the entire process, the instructors, fellow trainees. Up to that point, my attendance had been perfect, so I choose to take a few of my allowable 'days off' during that month and it really saved my sanity!

  2. I just finished my final weekend intensive for YTT. We had 150hrs in 8 weeks, so it was every Wed. night for 5 hrs and then all day Saturday and Sunday. Intense.
    I think because it was a lot of yoga in a short time, I never got sick of it. There was a point around week 6 where my body just gave up the ghost and I got pretty sick.....but mentally it was ok. Once or twice I didn't feel like going to class, but once we got there it was all good. I"m sure it's common to have your feelings, though. It's nice you got some time off to recoup!

  3. Kai - Good to hear that the need for a little "me-time" is to be expected. Fortunately, the program I'm doing has a couple of sanity days built in for us.

    Shizz - My YTT is an intensive as well, 20 hours a week for 12 weeks, but I'm definitely not sick of it. I'd happily go to training every day, all day if that's what it took... it's just the overall energy of the group that is becoming more difficult to navigate. People who have been struggling are becoming really discouraged, and it's rubbing off on the rest of us.

  4. I remember one of the last days of training (I did a month long immersion) when we took turns teaching. No one could move, I thought if I did another triangle I would absolutely die. I can relate. Totally. This week of rest and being good to yourself will put it all into perspective. (we had a day of restorative yoga and hiking after that and then all was well!) I love that your bf is digging yoga. That is so great!