Proclamations and Revelations

I love Sundays and Mondays!  I love my students!!  I love teaching yoga!!!  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.

Sunday's class at Love Yoga this week was small, to put it mildly.  One person attended.  We chatted a bit before class.  He professed to his beginner status, and I'm glad he did because I had a heck of a sequence planned for us.  When it became clear that he was to be my only student that evening, I dropped the plan and improvised a class full of the basics for him.  I hope it was a good experience.

In total contrast, Monday's class at Black Swan was packed.  Thirty people snuggled up in the little downstairs studio.  The energy was great, and even though the sequence involved some challenging balancing work, the students practiced with open minds and a sense of humor.  I'm beginning to see quite a few familiar faces in my classes.  This makes me very happy.

So, which class was the greater challenge to teach?  The single student or the roomful of bodies?

Sunday's class with just one student was far and away the more challenging teaching experience.  I did my best to tune in to his rhythm and give him the kind of practice that he needed, watching from moment to moment and deciding where to take him next.  With a larger group, I tend to stick with the plan and offer a range of variations to suit the different levels of students.  It helps me to maintain some type of structure and hold the space more effectively with all those monkey minds bouncing around.  But it's easier with a big group, I think, because the students feed off of each other's energy as much as they do mine.  Right or wrong, they tend to motivate each other, whereas with just one student, we have only each other and the connection must be unwavering.

It was a good exercise for me to be forced to scrap my class plan and lead based solely on my observations.  And the beautiful students at Black Swan stepped up to everything I threw at them with a joyful sense of adventure, yet again.  Another week of classes gone by.  A few more lessons learned.  I can't wait to see what next week brings.


  1. I hope to attend another one of your classes soon! You were born to teach yoga :-)

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I'd be delighted to see you there. :)