Drop Back Success!

Photo by MasTaPiannis
After an extremely busy, sleep deprived week, all I wanted to do last night was curl up on the couch, drink chamomile tea and watch the X-Files (I love me some Mulder and Scully), but since my Saturday practice was edged out of existence by an unexpectedly long meeting, I knew I needed to get on the mat.  It was very late and cold by the time I managed to begin.  Heavy with reluctance, I cajoled myself to practice with the promise of a luxuriously slow start.

 I seem to have some of my best practices when I'm sick, tired, or otherwise unwell.  I think it's because it is only in these situations that I am really able to let go of expectations or self-judgment.  When I'm exhausted or ill, I can do nothing but listen carefully to my body's signals and move in a way that best serves me in the present.  There's nothing to strive for or obtain.  Just being and breathing.  This was my practice last night.

I felt surprisingly light and fresh, considering how late it was.  The practice came fluidly, one pose at a time, one feeding into the next in an organic expression of the glorious potential of being alive in this body, something I like to call damn good yoga.  Because of my state of mind -- humble, open, and unassuming -- there were many firsts.  I put my leg behind my head for the first time (Now how do I keep it there?).  I flowed from a tripod headstand to Parsva Bakasana and back for the first time, and I got my first drop back!

Not all the way to the floor, mind you, just to my meditation pillows which give me about five extra inches.  I practice these by the wall, and funnily enough, discovered last night that the only reason I haven't been able to drop all the way down is because I haven't been standing far enough from the wall.  I had been overestimating the bendiness of my back.  Once I figured this out, though, it wasn't all that scary.  I simply stepped forward about six inches, and there it was.  No drama.  I have just one piece of advice to offer at this point:  STRAIGHT, STRONG LEGS for as long as you can.

I think I've got plenty of space to drop all the way to the floor without the pillows.  We'll find out tomorrow when I get back to the Primary series for the first time since Thursday.  Stay tuned! (As if you're on the edge of your seat about my practice. Ha!)


  1. Great news!!! good discovery too and cool that the cushion helped... you did it!!! you went pass the fear, so cool!!!

  2. That's a crazy wheel pose picture you posted! She might as well be grabbing her ankles!

    Full drop backs are coming soon for you!

  3. Yyogini - About the picture: crazy, I know! If you look closely, you'll notice that her hands aren't even touching the mat. She's just suspended there. Completely amazing.

    And BTW, full drop backs soon for me, indeed. I dropped all the way to the floor twice today! Woohoo! Feels good. :)

  4. no no, we are! on the edges of our meditation pillows for your practice :-D
    that is fantastic! i'm by far not there yet, the dropback, but so enjoy the whole there-are-endless-things-to-discover about yoga.
    and i enjoy your website.

  5. Christine - It still blows my mind that anyone cares to read about my little trials and victories on the mat, even though I love reading about others' experiences with the practice.

    And that is the great thing about yoga, isn't it? The deeper we go, the more we come to understand that we are merely trifling beginners. There's more than enough of this beautiful work ahead for one lifetime.

  6. Beautiful Practice! I love that it's these days that we have our break-throughs, perhaps it's when we are at our most open and vulnerable that we listen:) Great Blog!