(Practically) Instant Karma

I awoke to an email this morning from a representative of the fitness center where I went to my first Mysore practice last week (be advised:  this is not your typical "gym yoga."  This place is known for it's stellar yoga program and employs some very well-respected teachers.  This is Austin, yo.  We don't eff around with our yoga).  It had been my first visit to the place, and the email appeared to be a customary welcoming message from someone claiming to be a "fitness concierge," asking how I liked the class.  Being of the type of message that I would usually ignore, I was about to delete it when I had a second thought.

Instead of tossing the message in the trash, I took the opportunity to write back about how wonderful the teacher had been.  She was forward and knowledgeable, and I appreciated all the extra help she gave me.  She really worked her ass off, especially considering that it was a free class, and I made sure that my response to the concierge's inquiry said as much.  Even though I had thanked her in person, I wanted do to what I could to express my gratitude and give her the kind of review she deserved.  This little effort took me all of two minutes to complete.  I received an acknowledgement from the concierge that she would, at the very least, learn how much I had enjoyed class with her.

Later this evening, after teaching my own class, I found my inbox bombarded with emails for subbing opportunities, which have been frustratingly elusive until now.  I picked up two extra teaching opportunities next month with Community Yoga Austin, an organization that I am extraordinarily pleased to be a part of.  On top of that, there was a nice note from a woman who attended class a few weeks ago who had happened upon the blog coincidentally!  She was very sweet and complimentary.

That's what I call (practically) instant karma.  I gave a little, and I got a little.  And I really needed these small victories.  My ego has been badly bludgeoned by this whole teaching experience, and it's been making a particularly pathetic death rattle in my mind.  Don't get me wrong; I acknowledge this slow expiration as a good thing, but frankly, it's agonizing to witness.  I'll be glad when it's finally over.

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