Primary Friday... Or Not.

Mysore was a no-go this week.

As it happened, the opportunity to sub another class arose on short notice in a time slot overlapping the afternoon Mysore practice.  It was a difficult choice; I'm sure I gave the Mysore teacher the impression that I would return this week, and I very much wanted to.  However, since expanding my teaching is sort of my big goal for this year, I decided to sub the class for a sick friend instead.  I felt bad because, as a teacher, I know the twinge of disappointment when students vow they will return and then don't show the next week.  Still, I think I made the right choice, and I'll return to the Mysore room next week.

The class I subbed turned out to be WAAAAY out there in the boondocks (okay, maybe not the boondocks, exactly, but it seemed like a long drive), and by the time we finished up, there was no time for Primary before work.  Instead, I crawled downtown through rush-hour traffic to take a friend's Power class.

During the class, I practiced between two men, approximately my age, neither of whom I had met before.  Our mats were just a few inches apart, the class being full, and by the end of the hour, I felt so much love for these guys.  We didn't speak much before, and not at all after, but it seemed as though we'd been through a journey together.  The warmth and gratitude I feel for these men for sharing their energy with me is very real.  It's happened before, a strong connection made, sometimes without a word or even a glance.  Just the most subtle exchange of something infinite, the essence of which is love.  Not very misanthropic of me, I know.

So, no Primary report this weekend, but the afternoon unfurled to reveal something lovely, nonetheless.

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