The Marichyasanas: Who needs a chiropractor?

The first time I received an adjustment to bind in Marichyasana C, my back cracked from my tailbone all the way up to the base of my neck.  It was an amazing moment, and though I still get a good crack once in a while, the completeness of that spinal readjustment has not been recreated.

I present the present state of my Marichyasanas (just one side of each, so as not to bore you):

I'm still modifying the lotus variations for my knees and only binding to the fingertips in C and D, as you can see.  This was taken out of the context of my practice, so I'm not entirely warm and my pants aren't sweaty enough to help with the grip, so the binds are perhaps not as deep as they could be, but this is still a decent representation of where I'm at with these four postures.

I love twists but after the Marichyasanas, it's a relief to do five rounds of Navasana.  I think that pretty much sums it up.


  1. ah, hear that! i love marichyasana soooo much. its interesting to have students ask me what the "point" is in that pose. i suppose if binding is not difficult, then you don't have the intense sensation in the shoulders and trapezoids. but for me its amazing! also right now my entire left side body is a bit tweaked, so it pulls on my QL in such a delicious way :)

  2. Oooh yeah, the back stretch is divine, but often overshadowed by the intense sensation in my shoulders and arms. My poor biceps are brutally squashed in these poses.

    For those who feel nothing here, I recommend pushing the sit bone of the bent leg toward the floor. This action gives me a pretty strong stretch in the hip abductors.

  3. Nice jump backs/throughs BTW. Your spine is in such a great place for a deep twist on your last marichy that it makes me happy that you aren't doing full lotus right now. So beautiful as it is.

    Are those transitions you are doing with the one-legged bakasanas (or whatever they are called) where you got in "trouble" from a teacher?

  4. Domestic - Yep, those are they. She didn't seem to have any idea why I might be doing it that way, but I looked in Maehle's book, and they're clearly described. It is possible that I'm making more of a production out of it than is appropriate, however.

    I watched a video of Chris Croft doing the transition with the knee behind the shoulder at http://youtu.be/b3khEYQF1b4, but his version is much simpler and more energy efficient. I could have sworn I'd seen it done my way before, but now I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    PS: I await your question with anticipation. It has not arrived as yet.

  5. Well, no matter what, yours is beautiful :) (Try looking at your spam, sent it yesterday)

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  7. Wow you really whip that straight leg jumpthrough through, impressive stuff. I do those jump backs from marichi and the galvalsana one two, sure I saw the marichi one before somewhere too but can't think where.