The Good Life

Must... resist... CHEESECAKE!
This afternoon, I did my first Downward Facing Dog since the biopsy.  It felt so good that I think I heard a million tiny angels singing hallelujah.  Every little vertebrae in my thoracic spine gave a lovely crack.  My chest, shoulders, hamstrings, and calves simply screamed in unadulterated joy.

While these past few weeks of uncertainty have been difficult, so many wonderful repercussions are emerging that I continue to bask in the blessings, among them a rekindled enthusiasm for meditation and pranayam.  My physical activity has been pretty limited for the past ten days to allow the incisions to heal, so pranayama and meditation have become my primary practice.

It's been nice.  I admit that my pranayama and seated meditation have been irregular this season.  What with school and work, I've barely had time for the asana alone, so meditation and pranayama has been happening once or twice a week instead of once or twice a day.  Now that the summer semester is over, I should have plenty of time to tend to the seated practices with more consistency.

Surprisingly, I have thoroughly enjoyed this break from the asana practice.  I thought I might get anxious without my physical outlet, but the meditation and pranayama has been more than enough.  Plus, I've had time to explore some other, perhaps neglected, areas of my life more deeply.  And, of course, to redesign the blog.  But all of this sitting, core-supported as it may be, has come with the addition of a few extra pounds.  I've been eating like a queen all week because every day feels like a celebration.  I see food and I say (sometimes aloud), "Why not?!  Life is short.  I deserve it.  Live and enjoy!"

It all started on my birthday, when I couldn't decide between carrot cake -- always a classic -- or decadent strawberry-white chocolate cheesecake.  So I got both.  Now it's escalated to nearly constant munching.  Under normal circumstances, when I'm doing my practice and teaching two or three classes a day, the munching isn't a problem.  But it'll be a while before I'm back up to full speed with the asana (goodbye, heels in Kapo...) so I better get the eating under control before I do something I'll regret, like eat another piece of cheesecake.  Ever.  So delicious in my mouth, but so, so wrong in my belly.


  1. This is something I struggle with too, especially going through hard times. I think you can afford to be a bit easier with yourself, considering what you went through. It's obvious that you are not lacking in willpower! Just use a teeny bit of that and you'll be fine. Good luck resisting the cheesecake!

  2. Thanks, Brija. I know it'll melt off once I get back into the swing of things, but I'm astonished at how quickly I was able to pack on those pounds.

  3. go ahead eat the other piece :) I love how life changes our practices to accommodate us wherever we are in that moment..