Primary Friday: Bait and Switch

So far, so good this week with the practice plan.  Not that I've stuck to the original plan, exactly, but rather have simply allowed the plan to evolve into something that looks more like this:

  • Sunday:  Practice
  • Monday:  Practice
  • Tuesday:  Practice
  • Wednesday:  Practice
  • Thursday:  Practice
  • Friday:  Practice
  • Saturday:  Rest
I like this plan much better.

Yesterday, I had to coax myself to the mat with promises of a Vinyasa practice full of open twists and juicy hip openers, but once I found myself standing there at the top of my Manduka, all I knew to do was Ashtanga.  That damned Ashtanga cult!  My mind has officially been hijacked.

It was a nice practice, though.  Primary to Supta Kurmasana and 2nd to Kapotasana.  Yes, you read that right, my friends:  Kapotasana is back!  And my oh my, does it turn me on!  I am beginning to realize the profound effects that these mega-heart openers have upon my world view.  During the no-backbending period, I really and truly felt squelched and a little bit hopeless.  Uncomfortably restless and trapped.  Now, this week as I've reintroduced the bigger backbends into my practice, I leave the mat feeling downright giddy.  There is a deep, sweet soreness that lingers in the space between the ribs where a certain re-opening is taking place.  Every single breath exploits this sensation to make the arc of it's microcosmic life clearly known.  

There is something so freeing in that expansion of the chest, the rib cage unfurls like a flower and there is warmth and breath and space where, previously, there was none.  The heart is presented like a jewel, the silks removed for a special viewing, an offering of our most precious, fleshy gem.  And it's not just the big backbends.  With all the pike pull-ups I've been doing, every single Up Dog feels like pure heaven as my tight low abs are given a subtle stretch, a sensory reminder to uplift the heart and pause in that space at the top of the inhale for just long enough to smile at the sky.  Such simple bliss.

As for today, while the plan is Primary, I am admitting right now that it may or may not happen.  I'm teaching five classes all day, and while, technically, there will be time to squeeze in a quick Primary between my mid-day teaching stretch and the evening capper, I am more likely to wrap myself in a blanket and huddle in a corner, snacking on fruit and nuts like the shy little primate I am, than to unroll my mat and do my practice.  We'll see what happens.  If Primary doesn't happen today, I'll just do it tomorrow and call today my rest day.  Deal?  Deal.


  1. Hahaha...you sound happy. What a "rest" day, phew :-). I'm looking forward to my oil bath for sure. Enjoy the w-e!