Primary Friday: Flying Solo

Yesterday's practice was reluctant.  Very nearly didn't practice at all, but made the final push at last and got my Ashtangi buns on the mat for Friday Primary.  As always, once I settled into the meditation, all was right with the world.

It was an especially focused and fluid practice compared to much of what I've done lately.  These past few weeks, I have been uncharacteristically distracted on my mat.  Not turning off my phone, letting emails distract me, walking off the mat for a drink of water, taking bathroom breaks... all those little things that steal the momentum of the flow.  I am trying to be more available, more in this world and less in my own head, but the demands of this seem to deplete everything I love about the practice and, indeed, everything I love about my life.

I have taken to this lone wolf lifestyle like a salamander to a stream.  I've been living alone since June and I love it.  I love the quiet.  I love staying in all day, practicing for three hours in the afternoon with no one to scoff and wonder.  And I love going out at night.  Alone.  It is both illuminating and emboldening to simply drop myself into the mix and see what happens...  sometimes it's not much, sometimes a whole hell of a lot.  This town is full of fascinating characters and will always be dear to me for that reason.

But all of this is neither here nor there.  It's about the practice.  And the practice was good.  I've been good and sore from the Intermediate work this week.  My calves, thighs, and abs especially, so Primary yesterday was perfect for stretching out the calves and hammies, but the abs just keep getting tighter and tighter without the bigger backbends to open them up.  Although, yesterday I carefully reintroduced a bent-arm expression of Urdhva Dhanurasana, just testing the waters.  It feels a little better, but there's still some strangeness at the left hip crease and underarm which I can feel pulling across my pelvis and chest.  Not only can I feel it but, at it's worst, I can see some sort of fascial pattern under the skin across my front ribs where the pulling is strongest.  It's strange and a little bit scary, but I'm confident that patient attention will take care of it eventually.

A wave of humidity has taken over the air after a long spell of arid heat, so practice yesterday was the sweatiest in a while.  It felt just like old times, sweating from the forehead by the Prasaritas, swollen beads of moisture dripping down my shins in all the forward bends.  I hadn't realized how much I've missed this part of the practice.  I was also reminded that there are a few months of dry and drafty practice not far ahead of me when the Texas winter weather kicks in, so I'd better enjoy this while I can.

Today is a rest day.  I'm teaching a class at noon, then heading home for an oil bath, followed by a date with my dog for a nice, long, leisurely walk.  Blessed is life.


  1. I'm just sitting here with the same feeling. Blessed is life. Oil bath, coffee date with a friend. And I've just been reading a bit more in the Gregor Maehle book you recommended - I read the first chapter the day I got it and I'm at the beginning of the "primary series" chapter. And YogaDownload has just gotten the primary series as a download. How well-timed is that? I'm way too weak to hope to do it anytime soon, even with any and all modifications, but like you say, patience! Have a nice weekend :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Anne. I wish you godspeed in the recovery of your strength and a lovely weekend, as well. :)

  3. This is a really lovely post, Megan; thanks for sharing it with us :)