Primary Friday: Ashtanga Love

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This week's Primary was just as it should be -- light, fast, and fun.  I have grown more accustomed to practicing in the cold and, for some reason, my hips have been freakishly open.  I am enjoying an effortless lotus entry and some very deep Marichyasanas as a result.

The right shoulder is still tweaky, but not to the extreme that it was.  This whole sad shoulder saga has made me rethink the way I move through the vinyasas, jump backs and jump throughs in particular.  The weight-bearing in the left hand is always good, but in the right hand, I can feel myself lift up through the inner edge of the palm if I'm not careful to spread the weight evenly and keep the hand flat for the duration of the jump.  Must be more careful to preserve the shoulders if I hope to tackle 3rd series one day.

Intermediate practice has been going extremely well, with the exception of the self-inflicted neck injury earlier this week.  Eka Pada Sirsasana on the first side is finally feeling comfortable in the full expression of both A and B.  Second side is a different story, but if it can happen on the right, it can happen on the left.  I am a firm believer.  Rather than just give it one shot and hope for the best, since my practice is relatively short for the time being (2nd to Pincha), I have been investing more time in research and preparatory postures for the LBH set.  Half-pigeon, Lizard, Rock-the-Baby, Archer, and Compass variations have all made appearances in my practice this week.  Even with just a few days of including this extra work, there is significantly more range of motion in both hips.  I do lose some precious heat during this hip-opening detour, but I think it will be worth it in the long run... or the short run, as it were, assuming I can avoid any major setbacks in the LBH department.

Tittibhasana is my new favorite posture.  I LOVE the way this pose makes me feel.  It's a challenging set, but after the dismount, both psoas are unmistakably abuzz.  Not to mention, it seems to be doing amazing things for the shape of my hips and thighs.  I have no complaints in that department when it comes to Ashtanga.  To put it frankly, my ass has never looked better.  Hell, my body has never looked OR felt better.  Ashtanga rocks!


  1. Haha...your posts these days always put me in a good mood. You must be happy ;-). Glad the neck issue is resolving and enjoy your w-e if you got any left.

  2. Hi Anne - Happy, indeed. Enjoying life, enjoying the practice. Glad I could share my joy. :)

  3. That's my friend Tania in the picture.

  4. Cool! Thanks, V. It's a gorgeous picture: a beautiful pose in a beautiful room.

  5. titti seems to be one of my challenging poses... can't seem to get my legs straight... I can do forward folds with ease, but when it comes to titti, they won't straighten... any advice?

  6. Liveloveyoga - I'd say, since your forward folds are deep, that your hamstrings are long but your quadriceps are weak. Assuming your upper body strength is sufficient, I'd recommend working on the heel lift in Kurmasana. Once it becomes easy to lift the heels from the floor with straight legs in Kurmasana, you should be ready for Tittibhasana.