Dream Big

I had a dream last night that I could bind and balance easily in Pasasana.

image source

But even in my dreams, my heels are nowhere near the floor.


  1. Oh I know, this pose is totally challenging. Did you see David Garrigues recent videos on it? They're on his blog I think, part of the asana kitchen. I've got this huge rolled towel and a strap. It's not pretty. Binding is my nemesis!

  2. Been meaning to watch David Garrigues's recent video, thanks for the reminder. I've always used a rolled up towel underneath my heels, which makes for a nice pose when I can manage the bind, but Swenson encouraged me to take the towel away in October and learn to teeter on my toes. It's much harder.

  3. I've had that one for at least 5 years (but who's counting?!?) and still can't bind on my own. It's good to know that it may one day happen...in my dreams :) I love yoga dreams.

  4. And isn't that an amazing photo?!! I mean, if you didn't know it was a yoga asana, you'd be wondering if the image was manipulated or something!!

    Don't know that I'll ever get to pasasana, but it's nice to dream ... :)

  5. Susiegi - Absolutely! That's why I chose this image, because it has an almost dream-world feel.