Floaty Exits and Jump Back/Jump Through

I've had a few video requests recently, mainly in the interest of clarifying some of the elements of my own practice that I've written about, so I took the opportunity after practice last night to grab those for you.  Because I care.

First, for DeborahS, the Ashtanga "floaty" exits from Utkatasana and Virabhadrasana II.  I'm not great at these.  Mine are more "hoppy" than floaty most of the time (like a good IPA... wink, wink), but this should give you some idea of what I mean:

Next, I've had a couple of requests for a video of my own jump back/jump through since I emphasized the difference between the straight arm and the bent arm approach several weeks ago.  As I said, my jump back is slow and more labored than I'd like.  I believe that the straight-arm jump requires less effort, but I don't seem to have the wrist flexibility to bring my weight forward enough into the hands to accomplish it.  At least that's my theory.  I'm open to your insight:

As you can see, the jump back is especially slow now that I'm carrying a few extra pounds, but at least I'm jumping back again.  As for the jump through, this way is quick and easy and unceremonious.  I was playing with the crossed-leg jump throughs a few months back because they're supposed to build more strength, but gave up on it in favor of the simplicity of the straight-leg approach.  

Comments?  Questions?  Other requests?


  1. NICE jump back and through, love how high you hold after going through. So you think that's what Sharath is talking about re virabhadrasana in Suzy's conference notes

  2. Thanks, Grimm.

    Re: Virabhadarasana, I had not read Suzy's notes before, but yes, I do think that's what Sharath is referencing. This is the way that Swenson taught the exits to me in October, and he also emphasized, as Sharath does, that it IS NOT a handstand. Swenson even bends his elbows when he does it.

  3. Thank you Megan- very illuminating and something fun to work on. Much appreciated!

  4. You're welcome, Deborah. Glad to do it.

  5. Holy jump-back Batman! That was awesome! I get about halfway through before collapsing on falling on my shins, lol. It's coming though...slowly, lol.

    Thanks for the showing the Vira II exit, I had no idea what it was supposed to look like. My teacher cues for it during led Primary but she's never taught it to me.

  6. Thank you this is wonderful visual inspiration!

  7. Thanks for this... This blog is a total total gift. I discovered it about a month ago and love reading it so much. Really fantastic. Very inspirational...

  8. Beautiful!! You are one strong girlie. By the looks you don't need the strength building of the cross legged variety anyway. I've been working on jumping back for like 4 years now, am currently still nowhere near a clean jump back without stuff touching the floor. Thanks for the inspiration! You make it look possible yet effortless :-)

  9. Thanks for the post: it's indeed clarifying things

    As for the exit of virabhadrasana, is it normal that it's so asymmetric? I've seen before this exit, but I try not to apply it because you get so much dissymmetry in it...

    And happy new year, may it be as surprising than the previous (bad or good, it's always worth to be surprised ;)


  10. Hi Louis - I asked Swenson the same question about the Vira B exit and he dismissed it as only appearing once in the practice and so having little effect. This bugged me because I really like my symmetry, but any way you do it, the exit is never balanced. The right leg is always forward for the transition, even if you simply step back.

    In my own practice, I make sure to kick up into Pincha Mayurasana leading with the opposite leg to achieve some sense of symmetry, but I realize that this solution is not practical for everyone. Still, if you're really worried about it, you could just practice the lift with the opposite leg forward outside of your Ashtanga practice.

    And Happy New Year to you!

  11. sorry this is such a late comment. ive just found your site! its great :) I find the cross legged jump through hard as i have big feet and long toes and they get in the way haha! but im working on it...never thought of jumping through straight legged, didnt know that was an option but i shall give it a go :) i think i also need to get more lift in my arms to get the feet off the floor, but alas i am only into my 3rd month of practice so very new to it, but love it nonetheless!

    thanks :)