Primary Friday: Another Chance for Morning Practice

Primary was soooooo good this week; not technically perfect by any means, but perfect in it's purpose and effect.  Surely, many pairs of Ashtangi eyeballs will roll at this next comment, but part of the reason my practice was so great was that I did it right away in the morning.  I crawled out of bed, did nauli (my new favorite activity), had a cup of coffee and a big glass of water, and unrolled my mat.  No fuss, no time for reluctance or negotiation.  Just practice.  

I did notice that my sweat smelled a little extra funky without any food in my stomach (see this post for backstory on that).  But after my experience today, I might just give this morning practice thing another try.  My body was noticeably lighter and my mind clearer.  Rather than be bothered by the regular resurfacing of moments past from throughout my day, I enjoyed a mentally quiet practice with just the occasional glimmer of anticipation at the joyfulness of the day to come with my practice already under my belt.  Very nice, indeed.

Once again, I am in Wisconsin with the folks and siblings this week, so I won't spend too much time here discussing the idiosyncratic ins and outs of my Primary.  Suffice it to say that practice was good.  And now, I'm going to go enjoy my family and give them the fullest of my love and attention.  It is my wish that you all might be so lucky as to do the same.

Happy Holidays!  


  1. What a nice warm post, this one. I'm having christmas with the fam too - opened your post this morning, but I just left it open without reading to savour at a quieter time...:-). Things have settled now, and I hope you have the same measure of family warmth around you. I am a very lucky girl, my mum has knitted med the best yoga socks, and she's working on a second pair. She's gold.

    I've been really intrigued by nauli, do you have any tips on how to start? I feel like I'm very far from anything resembling the real thing, I get discouraged, it feels like I'm just alternating between tightening and relaxing my muscles...

  2. Hi Anne - Check out the video and comments from the following post regarding nauli:


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