Primary Friday: Where's my Cookie?

I did it.  It wasn't pretty, but I did it.

This has been a hard week.  I am really so astonished at how drastically my practice has been affected by... well... By what exactly?  I'm not sure.  It's got to be the combination.  I've gone periods of time on minimal practice, I've put on a little extra weight here and there, and I've certainly gone astray in the dietary realm at least a few times in the past, but I can't think of a single thing that's impacted my practice so badly as the trifecta of stress, sedentary days, and rich foods that have taken over my life these past few weeks.

Fortunately, gimpy as I've been all week, the Ashtanga has helped me get back on track and moving forward.  Income has been secured.  Personal projects are well in hand.  Relationship confusion has faded to the background and food choices are more rational by the day.  Don't you worry about me, friends.  I'm on top of this.

Primary today was nice.  The weather was moist and warmer here and I kept a steady pace, so the heat was more than adequate. I worked up a good, clean sweat.  Stayed an extra breath in some of the forward bends, namely Ardha Baddha Padma and Trianga Mukaikapada because there was some serious work to be done in the hips and hamstrings.  Binding is still an issue, so the Marichyasanas are a compromise.  My shoulders are unbearably locked up and my back is feeling funny.  I assumed both of these issues were caused by the driving, but if a week of practice hasn't fixed them, I'm not so sure.

Occasionally on Fridays, I like to do some alternative backbending work in leu of drop backs.  Today, I did 9 rounds of Urdhva Dhanurasana in sets of three for five breaths each, giving extra focus to the rotation of the arms and legs.  Then a final round for fifteen breaths without coming down, walking the hands in every five breaths.  This was good work.  I really felt it in my quads and psoas at the end.

I am whole-body sore from the return to full practice.  I've been working myself hard on the mat and spending almost every other minute at my desk, a dichotomy which undoubtedly contributes to the soreness.  Tomorrow will be a welcome rest.  I have a feeling things will feel very different on Sunday.

So... practice week completed.  Where's my cookie?


  1. Hi Megan, it's so good to hear things are shaping up for you. It has been moving to read about your troubles, but I don't feel like I know you that well and I felt uncomfortable commenting...You've had my well-wishes, though.

    I didn't weigh in when you asked about content for the new year either. I really enjoy when you walk through poses like in your last post, it's really useful to me. That said, it's clear that you're using this as an outlet for stuff as well and I think that's an extra dimension - yoga isn't zumba, I don't think it's easy or desirable at all to keep life and yoga apart. My two cents :-)

    I guess I've told you before that I'm in a very gradual process of getting better (health-wise) and I just wanna share with you something your blog helped usher along: I've just dared start on the ashtanga series. I was afraid I would be too weak, so I've postponed until I had myself worked up to twenty-thirty minutes of practice, and recently I've started a "lite" 1-hour version of the ashtanga series. I'm doing it over two days, so a half an hour at a time - but I see how you can become addicted :-).

    Hope the sun continues to shine on you.

  2. Hi Anne - "Yoga isn't zumba" = Quote of the Day ;)

    Thanks for the insight. I am so delighted to hear that you're feeling strong enough to take on the Ashtanga! Just remember that it doesn't matter how much or how little you do. Don't push yourself too hard or burn out trying to accomplish anything. Just do your practice, as much as you want to, and, day by day, you'll find things stacking nicely in your favor.

  3. thanks for sharing how u have felt in the last weeks. I have had problems practicing and just started doing some weights do work on my lower back strength not only through asanas, but through more dynamic exercises. I feel like winter is the most challenging time for me to start my practice. my body feels more stiff and tired and it takes some time to warm up. summer, come back!

  4. Hey, thanks for the post, but did you shorten your RSS feed? Such a shame I can't read your musings in my reader anymore... :(

  5. Hi Megan. The husband and I just got back from Kerbey Lane Cafe, stuffed ourselves full of blueberry and pumpkin pancakes, respectively. So, much needed food indulgence completed. Now where's my yoga? (I still can't find my practice.)

  6. Annina - Thanks taking the time to leave a comment. I did indeed shorten the feed to reduce the risk of aggregators lifting content, but I had forgotten why I made the feed full length in the first place. Your comment reminded me why. Posts should appear in full in your reader from now on.