2012 Intentions

2011 was the first in many years for which I recorded a list of intentions.  Looking back on those intentions now, I am both satisfied and amused with the change/non-change that has taken place.  Just for fun, let's recap:

2011 Intentions
  1. Sustain morning pranayama
  2. Lighten up on dinner
  3. Quit the sweet stuff
  4. Achieve handstand fluency
  5. Teach yoga full-time
All five of these intentions are quite specific and easily judged.  Have I sustained a morning pranayama practice?  No.  Have I diminished my evening meal?  Yes.  Have I quit eating sugar?  Not exactly, but it's less of a compulsion and more of an occasional indulgence.  Am I handstanding away from the wall?  Yes, but I have learned that this is more about an ability to fall gracefully than sticking a perfect balance every time.  And finally, am I teaching yoga full time?  Well... I was until recently, so I'm going to let it count.

So... what's the tally?  Three and a half out of five?  Not bad.

This year, I've got a shorter list:

2012 Intentions
  1. Learn to play
  2. Learn to be vulnerable
  3. Commit to morning practice
  4. Complete a first draft of my novel
I am optimistic about this fresh set of intentions.  The first two are attitudinal and related to some important discoveries I've made about myself this year with the help of two very wise women in my life.  The next two are long-time aspirations that I'm tired of half-assing.

So far, so good on all fronts.

New Year's Day, I awakened bright and early to set the tone for the year and have continued to do so all week.  Thus far, morning practice has been a pleasure and the novel is coming along nicely.  The progressive success of the first two intentions will be more difficult to measure, but I look forward to the inherent challenge of balancing the frightful strength and intensity of my personality (It's genetic.  Don't believe me?  Spend a day with my five obsessive, perfectionist, sharp-witted siblings.  I dare you) with a softer, lighter approach.  I will attempt to bring forth the feminine with cooling practices and temper the flame of this fiery, masculine energy that has reigned for so long.  Wish me luck.


  1. Rock it! You are an awesome, but wise, force. Best wishes for a satisfactory year. That is not intended to mean mediocre, but truly heartfelt satisfaction.

  2. Thanks, TammyB! I wish you a rich, fulfilling year, as well!

  3. Yep, definitely genetic. I also come from a group of (4 sibs) pretty intense siblings. It is in the blood. I love that you are so self-aware at your age. I think I just sort of stumbled upon realizations about myself through the years. Even used to think I was a laid-back person. Ha! I can't wait to hear more about your novel as it unfolds. You write so beautifully and with much depth. It is really courageous of you to share so honestly on this blog. I admire that and always look forward to reading it! Happy 2012 to you Megan!

  4. Love all four of your intentions, best wishes!