Primary Friday: Another One Bites the Dust

Found this while walking with my dog.
Practice has been great and there's really not much to say about the dirty details.  Just doing my thing.  Day by day.

Here's something, though:  Not only have I managed to wake and practice every morning, but it has only been three weeks and already morning practice is a total joy.  This is really exciting because, for years, I have felt like I was cheating myself out of I-knew-not-what by doing practice later in the day.  I wanted to do morning practice, but could never seem to manage it.  I didn't often feel well enough or strong-willed enough to hit the mat straight out of the gate.  Twice, I had hoped that daily training with Swenson would give me a running start, but no dice.

But then, this morning, this happened:  The alarm went off at 4:25am.  I looked at it.  I turned it off, crawled back under the covers and started to roll over.  I heard a little voice that I've heard many times before mutter, "just a few more minutes."

I agreed and began to fade away when a second voice rang loudly, clearly through the fog.  "No!  Get up!  I am rested and I want to do my practice!"

Wait.  What?  Who??

I got up.  Performed the kriyas, did my practice, and loved every minute of it.  It is enchanting to witness the birth of a new pattern and the death of an old way.


  1. I remember a previous post from you where you mention having a hard time dealing with hunger in the mornings (and associated ammonia smelling sweat). I definitely related- I highly prefer to practice later in the day when I don't feel like I'm running on empty. So, has something changed? Was it just mental stubbornness keeping you from morning practice before?

    1. Hi wandering mb,

      You're right. I was having major problems with practicing on an empty stomach. That was also around the time I was having a bunch of other hormonal issues that led to the lymphoma scare. To be honest, I'm not sure what's changed. I'm eating a bit less protein, drinking less alcohol, and practicing in a softer way. I may also be carrying more body fat. I think all of these could be helping to stave off the ketosis problem (body burning muscle for fuel).

      I've also been looking into ayurveda and eating for my dosha (I'm a red hot, flaming pitta). Actually compiling information for a potential post about using ayurveda to address hormonal imbalance. "Hormones" don't seem to be in the ayurvedic vocabulary, but endocrine health is certainly an ayurvedic focus.