Primary Friday: Sweet and Spicy

It's been a good, full week of practice, my first six-day week in a while.  Early morning practices all, in keeping with my resolution... er... intention for the new year.  Not only that, but I split (again) to Intermediate.

I had split in October at the advice of David and Shelley, but after the stress of losing my job and the unprecedented emotional backlash that the work in 2nd series seemed to encourage, I ran back to the always open, ever-loving arms of Primary to carry me through the chaos of the holiday season.  But now there's no excuse.  It's time.

Fresh in my resolve to break strong from the gate, I kicked off 2012 on the morning of the 1st with a 4:30am wakeup and Intermediate to Pincha Mayurasana.  It was stiff at first, and slow, but with each posture and with each day, I have grown to love these early mornings. The quiet of the upswing of the dawn is sweet and peaceful and my entire day transformed by this simple act of preparation.   I have even rearranged the furnishings to make room for my mat to lay in such a way that I may practice facing east.

The return to 2nd series has been hard.  Though my achilles have suddenly given way with some added length, my shoulders are still tight, putting the bind in Pasasana out of reach with rare exception.  My quads were sore from Laghu for a day or two, but rebounded soon enough.  I've lost some space in Kapo, but I'm doing it twice per practice and taking my time to build it up slowly.  The work feels good.

Eka Pada and the LBH in general are just about to open up.  I can feel it.  Eka Pada on the right side is comfortable.  The leg stays back there and my back feels safe in the forward bend, but the left hip is more stubborn.  Still, there is progress.

Titti has broken my heart.  I love the posture, but I lost the bind and the whole experience is less gratifying without that security.  Here's hoping the bind comes back this week or, if not, that I might remember to keep my towel handy for a decent simulation.

Pincha, another posture I am repeating once per practice, is getting better all the time.  Entries are more reliable and stays are steadier.  I even managed the proper exit with just the tiniest of chest bounces for the first time this week, though only once.  Once is good.  It's a start.

Primary this morning was serene.  It was a gorgeous afternoon in Austin, and this evening I enjoyed some damn good spicy curry for dinner.  What a perfect way to end the week!


  1. Inspiring :-). Glad your year is off to a good start. I've recently started working more - feeling better - and that means sitting more at a computer. Now I remember why I took up yoga! It has become so much more to me than just keeping up my mobility, though. I looked at this room full of my fellow yoga-goers recently and I thought about all their different situations, and levels, and reasons for doing yoga, and I thought I'd like to progress to a place where I can help others who are looking for relief or joy in yoga. What inspired you to become a teacher?

  2. Hi Anne - I realized that I had reason to teach and share the yoga after I had been practicing for a few years. At some point, I saw that the changes that yoga had inspired in my life were real and good and permeated to every level. Like you, I wanted to offer up this invaluable tool I'd found to help others in need.

  3. Hmm, thanks for answering :-)

  4. enjoying my visit to your blog. i, too, am a yoga teacher and just gobble up anything yoga-related. (and that picture of the spices reminds me of my recent trip to morocco!)