Primary Friday: Depth Perception

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In spite of the mid-week moon day temporarily derailing the train, my practice has settled into a comfortable, steady clip.  It feels good in my body.  I am finding strength and space without the persistent soreness of daily Primary.  Not only that, but I have made peace, it would seem, with the effort.

I would be lying if I claimed that there are never mornings when it feels a chore to lay out the mat, but I slip into the rhythm quite easily, even on the hardest of days, and take joy in the work without the heavy ambition of previous years.

You may have noticed I am writing less about the details of my practice.  Writing less in general, really.  There is a reluctance to rehash the minutia.  All is well, just auditing my energies.  I am in the  midst of a rebound from a period of violent expansion.  Feeling overexposed and wishing to hole up somewhere quiet, but work is keeping me out and about.  Daydreams of yoga vacations in Goa or Maui ("vacations" meaning intensive work with amazing teachers, obviously...) have been dancing through my mind this week.

The switch to morning asana practice has streamlined my mornings, creating a nice, open space in the afternoon or early evening in which to sit.  Some weeks ago, I read a bit about Zen meditation to give my sitting practice some structure.  At first, the reading was helpful, but as soon as I tried to read up and really inform myself on the method, it became obvious that too much instruction is counterproductive to the process.  It was nearly enough to be given a posture, given a gaze, and told to watch the thoughts and breath.

Sound familiar?

To look into it much more, at least for me at this time, would be like pouring a bucket of murky water into a sink that won't drain.  You've got to let the debris settle and manually remove the blockage before anything can get through.

The blog may be going through a structural reformatting soon.  Still ruminating on that.  In the meantime, I've got a couple of product reviews coming at you in the near future.  Stay tuned.

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  1. thank you for sharing what you do-like you do. i don't know if it is because we're both wisconsin girls or what, but so often i feel like i read what you're writing and it hits really close to home. like all of this about your week-i am with you there. and about letting things settle before anything can get through. i really get that too. thanks for sharing.