Product Review: GaiamTV

I get loads of offers in my inbox for free stuff in exchange for publishing product reviews on this blog.  Most products advertised to me are junk and I choose to spare you the mental clutter, but once in a while, something good comes along.

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GaiamTV is a subscription-based streaming video library compiled and hosted by Gaiam, makers of affordable yoga and fitness products.  For $9.95 per month, you get access to dozens of videos ranging from basic yoga instruction by trusted teachers to feature-length documentaries on a surprising variety of topics.

During my free month of GaiamTV, I enjoyed yoga classes designed for all skill levels from Kathryn Budig, Rodney Yee, and Sean Corne, as well as inspirational lectures by Deepak Chopra and a fascinating interview with Gregg Braden (a man who has, remarkably, not altered his appearance one iota in the last 20 years).   In addition to basic yoga instruction, GaiamTV also offers general workout videos, pilates, and other body awareness practices, including a really interesting set of videos on healing and strengthening the feet.

This is not a bad product for the price.  The streaming software was always reliable and the variety of subject matter is impressive.  GaiamTV is currently offering a 10-day free trial with registration from their site.  If you are looking to start a home practice or otherwise expand your horizons from the comfort of your home, give GaiamTV a try.

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