Product Review: TheraPED

My feet and I have a beautiful relationship.  It is a relationshop built on mutual trust and respect, but it hasn't been easy.  For years, I trekked all day and night in cramped, strappy sandals or stacked high heels while my poor little toes screamed in agony from down below.  Not anymore.

These days, my tootsies get the loving treatment they deserve and, in return, I walk this earth free of pedi-pain.  If your dogs are barking, TheraPED is a product designed to help you do the same.

TheraPED is a snazzy, zebra-striped velcro sandal with soft, fabric toe spreaders and temperature retaining gel pockets inside to soothe tired, achy feet from both above and below.  The whole sandal may be placed in the freezer or microwave and will retain heat or cold for 15-20 minutes.

When I first put on my TheraPED samples (unfortunately, they are sold as a single, so you'll have to pony up for two at $9.99 a piece or pamper one foot at a time.  TheraPED was kind enough to send me a pair), I was unimpressed with the toe spreaders and, as soon as I took my first step, one of the gel packets burst, splooging clear goo all over my foot and floor.

That being said, as I am wearing them now, the gentle toe spreaders feel nice and the gel packs, or what remains of them, are cushy on my feet.  The hot/cold therapy is soothing, but I would have liked some around the heel, as well.  TheraPED leaves the heel completely naked, which I found to be a distracting contrast with the temperature therapy and support around the ball of the foot.

Clearly, TheraPED is designed with the heel-wearing woman in mind.  So, if you spend your days in high heels and want relief for your battered feet, TheraPED may be just what you're looking for.  

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