Primary Friday: Ashtanga Body

After the bustle of last week, I spent most of this week in quiet contemplation in my home, writing, reading, and doing the practice.  I have been incorporating more meditation and pranayama into my daily routine, both of which have been potent and real.

This morning's Primary was special, so peaceful and light.  The breath was long and soft, with effortless strength to carry me through the vinyasas.  It was really quite beautiful -- so much so that I even got a little weepy heading into Janu Sirsasana, where the rhythm of the practice takes off.  This may be a sign that my holiday is on the way, but that does not negate the emotion or the moment.

The left knee is healing well and I have already learned much about the habitual gripping in the left groin that is likely the cause of the problem, limiting the rotation of the thigh bone in the hip.  I am enjoying my practice no less for the "injury" and its accommodations.  In fact, I might be enjoying it more.

Second series continues to completely transform my body, but probably not in the way one might think.  My back is broadening.  My whole torso has grown thick and dense like a tree trunk.  My ass is shrinking as my thighs expand.  I am heavier and softer than before, but stronger, too.  Feeling very grounded in this body.

In practice, it has been an especially big week for backbends.  Tuesday, I did Kapo twice and took my heels on the second try.  Wednesday, I got the heels on the first go.  It felt like I had to crawl my hands for miles, but it would seem that my shoulders are finally opening up.

This is new for me.  I have touched my heels in the past, I have even gotten one finger around my heels in the posture, but I have never been able to grip the heels like that on my own.  It felt great, and I even managed to bring my elbows in a bit to polish it up.  We'll find out on Sunday if that openness can survive Primary nestled between two rest days.

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  1. It's always exciting when we accomplish something new on our yoga mat :)

    1. Yes, it is. But I've been doing this long enough to know that heels today does not mean heels tomorrow (or Sunday, as the case may be).