Asana of the Week: Forearm Plank

This week, we're getting strong with Forearm Plank (a.k.a Dolphin Plank).  The practice of Forearm Plank delivers many of the same benefits as Plank Pose while asking more of the core without straining the wrists.  As such, this is a great Plank modification for those who suffer from wrist instability or pain.

The reduced angle of the body to the floor, made so by dropping to the forearms, increases the workload of the abdominals, back muscles, shoulders, and chest.  With the forearms down, there is less freedom to shift the weight from font to back, making for less opportunity to escape or vary the effort of the posture.

When practicing Forearm Plank, be sure to align your shoulders over your elbows and place the forearms parallel on the mat, hands a wide distance from one another.  Flex the feet strongly and strengthen the legs.  Tuck the belly in and point your tailbone toward your heels.  Keep the hips level with the shoulders and gaze softly toward the top of the mat.  Stay for 5-10 breaths or more.


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    1. Thanks, Serene. Hope your hand is healing well. I've seen people modify the entire Surya sequence (chaturanga-updog-downdog) on the forearms in practice. Makes the jump through impossibly hard, I'm sure, but easy on the wrists.