Primary Friday: Spring Cleaning and Deep Reading

Springtime is in full effect.  The inertia and anxiety of winter have given way to a sense of ease.  Though the labor of this season is harder than the "buckle down and fatten up" of colder months, I feel lighter on my feet and in my heart.

I took the moon day today, even though the new moon is technically tomorrow.  Giving myself more rest lately, taking Matthew Sweeney's advice to "learn, also, to not practice."  And perhaps not coincidentally, I am finding my body opening in new ways.

Practice is a joy and fascination.  I am still doing at least some of Primary most days before going into Intermediate and it has been therapeutic for my knee.  I've lost weight, binding Supta K and Pasasana again.  My focus and endurance have improved, which I credit equally to the deepening of my seated meditation practice as to the continuing abstinence from coffee.  I've probably written enough about it by now, but I will say once again that giving up coffee has positively affected nearly every area my life -- with one exception:  I am still not sleeping through the night.  Very strange.

I spent the day deep cleaning my apartment, getting into all the nooks and crannies.  There was lots of spraying and scrubbing, sweeping and sucking, bagging and hauling.  And laundry, many loads of laundry.  Normally, I rather enjoy a good day of heavy cleaning, but today it just felt like hard work.  My energy has been low these past few days, which is not unusual on the approach of the new moon.

Now, tired as I may be, my little apartment is tidy and smells faintly of mint, so I can sit back and enjoy my Saturday.  Looking forward to the usual Saturday shenanigans:  oil bath and afternoon stroll, with the rest of the hours spent with my face in a good book.  I am currently reading The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche, having found it on sale for all of four dollars a couple weeks back.  And wow.  It's excellent.  Apart from the absolute beauty and profundity of the work as a whole, it contains the best practical guide to meditation that I've ever read.  Do yourself a favor and find a copy.

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  1. Re. sleeping through the night, are you aware of Greg Jacobs' take on this?


  2. Mmmmmmm, that book is still on my shelf and helped me immensely after the loss of a loved one years ago. It is pure, timeless wisdom.

    Also, I love the quote about learning to not practice. :) So important not to lose the focus on balance, and the fact that real life is off the mat - what we do on the mat is just practice. :)