Moving On

Ever since that week of evening mysore earlier in the month, my routine has consisted mostly of afternoon/evening practice, which has been kind of nice apart from the extra meal planning it requires.  Not that it matters much when I do it, as long as I do it.  Practice is practice.  Still, after punching the reset button this weekend, I am hoping to get back to the morning ritual.

It has been difficult to keep up with daily practice, but I've managed.  Having permission, both from my teachers and myself, to take a shorter practice when necessary -- even guruji's "minimum daily practice" of 3 Surya A, 3 Surya B, and the final 3 postures (Yoga Mudra, Padmasana, Utpluthi) -- has been such a gift.  Working as much as I have been, to be able to visit my mat every day and keep the prana flowing without badgering myself for not doing my "whole" practice has made such a difference.  The quality of the time I spend in practice has evolved from drive and rigor to something soft and nurturing, yet the dynamism of my practice has not suffered.

In fact, this softness has yielded new steadiness and strength, making way for different challenges.  Last night, I decided to move on through Karandavasana, Mayurasana, and Nakrasana for the first time.  For Karandavasana, because of my knees, I practiced a cross-legged variation, lowered down about half way for three breaths, and came back up.  I went into it very conservatively and kept waiting for the posture to get hard, but to the extent that I took it last night, it was doable.  The experience made all my recent hemming and hawing about my readiness for Karandavasana seem ridiculous.  I know there is much work to be done, but it's far from impossible.

Mayurasana was hard.  I have experimented with this posture a few times in the past but have never had much success.  Last night was no different, but I can feel what needs to happen.  With daily practice, it'll come.  The vinyasas into and out of the posture were completely awkward and there is no way my big head is going to fit between my big arms for the seventh vinyasa with the hands turned around.  At least, I don't see it happening, but who knows.

Nakrasana, too, was hard.  Especially the backward hops.  I couldn't quite get the coordination of the breath and body in this one, but I gave it a damn good try.  As with everything else, it'll come.  After these three new postures, my abs and shoulders gave me the whatfor.  The additional work feels good, with an appropriate level of challenge and a nice counter to all the deep opening of the backbends and the LBH.  New projects are so energizing and I think the timing is right.  I am due for reinvigoration.

In other news, the dogs are doing well.  They are beginning to gravitate toward one another, sleeping closer, eating quietly, and sharing bones without incident.  Thank goodness -- the intensity of playing referee was wearing on my nerves.  I am so proud of my little muffins for making peace and moving on from their respective issues.  Now if only I could get them not to bark and whine at other dogs when we walk, I'd have the perfect pair.


  1. Oh, the hounds are so cute!!

    1. I know it. They melt me to a puddle with this stuff.

  2. They are just adorable! Ronin looks like such a sweetheart.

  3. It reallllly helps to be able to give yourself permission to back off when you need to, eh?

    And those dogs are gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for sharing your personal struggles on a daily practice. It's funny how we need to remind ourselves to be kind and give permission to let it go.

    Lovely picture of your sweet dogs!