Nakrasana Observations

Today is my first entire day off in two and half weeks. Last night around eleven, I stood in line at the grocery store with nothing but a six pack of micro-brew and a colossal piece of artisan carrot cake in my hands and dared anyone to judge me. Drank two beers and ate half of the piece of cake; perhaps not the healthiest way to decompress, but it at least it can't be said that I don't know how to spend an evening.

I am finishing the carrot cake for breakfast with my tea, the start of what I hope to be a sweet and mellow day. Practice will be reserved for this afternoon, at which time I am considering adding on the rest of Intermediate, save the seven headstands.

My new postures have come together nicely. Karandavasana is still a clumsy, lumbering compromise without the aid of a teacher, but I give my three best tries each day. Mayurasana and Nakrasana, however, have both been fun additions. I am a little stunned at how quickly Mayurasana has taken shape. At first, it seemed impossible -- even when I could hover, I couldn't control the swerving -- and that was only a few weeks ago.

Nakrasana, like Tittibhasana, is dynamic. Different.

I have always loved that moment in the mysore room when someone does Nakrasana. The floor boards shake and boom. All are snapped awake. It is a tantrum, a primal display. And now when I do this posture in practice, though I am home alone where the floor boards make no noise, I feel giddy with power. Nakrasana pumps me so full of something (let's call it "prana") that, even though my arms are tired, I have no need or want for rest. Since Nakrasana is my current stopping point, backbends are next.

The post-Nakrasana backbends are fantastic.  Just really, really fluid and controlled. Instead of feeling tight as after Primary, or wrung out as after the first half of Intermediate, I feel open and strong.  I suspect that the dynamism of the posture, the orchestration of the various muscle groups, helps to recover and reintegrate the body after the intensity of the isolated back bending, hip opening, and arm balancing that precedes it.


  1. Oh Nakrasana, my current nemesis. It just feels so impossible! The best I can do is plant my hands and bounce my feet up and down. Or leave the feet down and lift one hand at a time. It is not glorious, I feel no pumping of prana. I love the image of the tantrum, the primal display. I tell myself that I am too fat, but perhaps I just need to adjust my attitude and believe that nakrasana could happen.

  2. Good Morning! Not knowing what Nakrasana was, I went to you tube and watched. Oh my, how in the heck do you become airborne???? That is amazing! I can't even imagine the coordination of muscle contraction, breath, and bandha activation that must require. Wow!!!