Primary Friday: Time for Tea

For the first time in weeks, I feel adequately rested with only the slightest urge to curl up for an afternoon snooze.  I think this may be partly due to the nearly four-hour nap I took on Tuesday morning after teaching my early bird class, and partly due to the bag of sweet and spicy thai chai delivered to my doorstep the following day.  I've had a few pots.  No, it is not caffeine free, but it is damned delicious.

I haven't touched a drop of coffee since the day I gave it up, but I have been using caffeine responsibly.  Not every day, never before breakfast, and never in excess.  And just as I did not skimp on the caliber of my coffee beans in my long stint as a java junkie, these days I take my liquid prana in the form of quality loose leaf teas from Adagio.  (Stellar offerings there, my friends.)  I usually start my day with a cup of spearmint and honey, have a pick-me-up of rooibos, green, or chai in the early afternoon, and round it out with sweet chamomile flowers in the evening.  Typical of my obsessive, information-hungry nature, I am becoming quite the tea enthusiast.  

I bought a transparent tea pot with a built-in, washable filter and now I can't imagine preparing tea in any other way.  I simply scoop the leaves in, pour the boiling water, and watch in quiet awe.  It's like having an aquarium.  Tea leaves are so beautiful.  The steeping process is poetic.  This makes me feel sad for people with boxes of tea bags in their cupboards that they steep in plastic travel mugs on their way to work.  If that's you, here's a tip:  you're missing everything.

Practice is finally stabilizing.  I had a great 2nd series practice last night with a breakthrough in Mayurasana, then got back on track with my morning routine for today's Primary.  I surprised myself with the full complement of wrist binds in the Marichyasanas with the exception of Marichyasana D, but for the first time ever, it felt within reach.  My wrists are a little tight from my new Intermediate postures, so jumping back was especially hard today -- couldn't quite get my weight forward enough to hover without straining my wrists.  By the second half, they felt better.  

Generally speaking, I am enjoying a greater sense of ease in practice than I remember in the past.  Not only that, but I am seeing the practice with new eyes, feeling it in a new way, and being my own best teacher, asking myself to commit down to every small detail.  The idea of the practice as an offering frequently passes through my mind.  It changes everything.

Looking forward to the rest day tomorrow, though I'll be teaching a class or two.  Austin Ashtangis not resting tomorrow or those looking to learn can find me for Fundamentals of Ashtanga at Yoga Yoga North at 1:30pm.  It would be a delight to see you there.


  1. Megan,

    Have you ever considered posting a video of a class? Sadly I live in an area that doesn't offer yoga and am always looking for new ways to see postures approached.


    1. Hi Brianna,

      I've thought of doing short video tutorials or demonstrations, but never considered posting a whole class. Not sure why I haven't done any teaching videos... I guess mostly because there are plenty of great yoga videos out there already. But since you asked, I'll consider it. Might be a nice addition to the blog.


  2. Hi Megan,
    Love your description of a glass pot as an aquarium. I am a huge fan of loose tea myself. I buy mixed teas from an herbalist nearby and they've been incredibly healing and balancing. I always use an ugly old tea sock in a mason jar, or loose tea in an old porcelain pot which I then pour over a silver tea strainer - but your description has inspired me. I think I need a tea pot upgrade! I love the ritual of tea, the patience and attention to timing it requires and the very soothing nature of tea itself.
    Beautiful post.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  3. Great post, I love the bit about using caffeine responsibly, it is underestimated drug. Whilst I am with you in the not drinking coffee I am definitely a tea bag girl, I barely find time to sit and have a cup of tea as it is so I think I will keep it that way. My favourite brew at the moment is rooibos chai, which I buy in a tea bag here in the uk but perhaps you could mix your own, it is devine!