Primary Friday: Yawn

Maybe it's the work... or the dogs... or the summer heat...

Whatever it is, I simply cannot get enough sleep.  My bed tempts me with a nap all afternoon, I am drowsy by 9pm, and when morning comes, no matter how early I managed to bed down the night before, it takes every ounce of my determination to throw off the sheets and arise.  I have never been one to need a lot of sleep.  Seven hours has always been more than sufficient, but now I can get nine good hours of rest and still feel like rolling over when the alarm sounds.

The snooze button and I have taken our relationship to a whole new level.  This morning, I hit the snooze multiple times, then finally gave up and reset my alarm for a later hour.  When the time came, I hit the snooze again.  And again.  

I woke up a full two hours later than planned.  This is getting out of hand.  And yet... all this sounds somehow so familiar.  Isn't this exactly how I felt this time last year?  It was one of the reasons I had my health looked at and went down the rabbit hole that I've come to know as "the cancer scare."  How curious that now, just before the cycle is repeated, that those quiet bodies in the ground begin to shake and rattle their old, dry bones.  

Shhhh...  Hush now.  You're long dead, remember?

I have been resting since Tuesday for my holiday but teaching a lot of Ashtanga, and I've noticed that just being in the room and energetically involved is so exhausting.   I watch my students carefully and seem to feel everything they face.  After teaching, even though I don't give many forceful adjustments, my body feels as though I've done a practice, without the endorphins or the afterglow.

So next week, when I'm teaching full time AND practicing AND walking my dogs 5+ miles a day, I might just spread so thin that I disintegrate under the unmerciful summer sun.  

Sheesh...  Listen to me complaining about spending my days teaching, practicing, and hanging with my pups.  Poor, poor me.

After teaching a led class at noon, I've got an afternoon Intermediate practice in the works.  I know it's Primary Friday, but after those few days rest, I'd like to get one more Intermediate in before the weekend, so I'm saving Primary for tomorrow and resting on Sunday. 

And by "resting," I mean working a 5:30am double shift at the restaurant.  

Think I can squeeze in a quick nap before noon? 


  1. Perhaps it's the intense heat of Texas that's making you so sleepy? Or the pending new moon? Or both. I know that my desire for naps is directly correlated with how hot it gets. Good luck!

    1. Hi D,

      I'm beginning to think you might be right about the heat. And the new moon. Both tend to knock me on my ass.