Primary Friday: Penance Practice

Tittibhasana C
Last week, I spent four days in Wisconsin to celebrate both the birth of my new niece, the first of her generation from my family, and my own August birthday.  For four days, I drank plentiful wine and ate nothing but cheese, meat, and vegetables primarily of the fried variety.  Somehow, a spectrum of fine Wisconsin cheeses stowed away in my carry-on luggage and I have been feasting on said cheeses for days.  For this, I have not gone unpunished.

That sense of ease I've felt for weeks in practice?  It's gone.

Practice has been hard.  Sunday, I did a quick practice of the Surya Namaskara, Sirsasana, and the final three lotus postures before my early flight back to Austin.  Monday, I spent all day taking care of neglected responsibilities that demanded my immediate attention, and then taught in the evening.  No time for practice.  Tuesday, I celebrated my own birthday in earnest.  I taught three classes throughout the day and managed to squeeze in a miserable half-Primary, but later that night honored this life heartily with more cheese, carrot cake, and a birthday cigar.

Wednesday, I got down to business.  Full Primary and Intermediate to Ardha Matsyendrasana -- no shortcuts -- plus extra backbending and handstands.   Needed every bit of it.

Thursday, it was Intermediate to Pincha.  I was sore from my long practice the previous day, and I am sore now from yesterday's practice.  My body is unsympathetic to any cause for celebration.  I must remember this next time I wish to indulge.

I am still caught in a whirlwind of work and preparations for the coming fall, and there is no rest in sight before I go back to school.  I am hoping that once the semester begins, there will be opportunity to reel in a few of these lines and channel my energy more singularly toward my own practice and scholastic efforts.

Even though I probably need the practice, I will rest for the moon day today.  However, as usual, "rest" in this instance means working all day waiting tables and teaching at night.  I hope to squeeze a nap in there somewhere.  God bless a good nap.  I'd have been a shriveled, strung out mess all summer long without them.


  1. Hmm.. I celebrated my birthday while on vacation in Maine with a homemade chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. Between that and a fair amount of wine, beer, and eating a bit more than usual, I'm still trying to get my practice back to where it was. Penance indeed! Still, it was fun and I don't regret the celebratory atmosphere with family.
    But now, it's back to work. Ouch.

  2. I read this post the other day, and thought of it this morning after a really sluggish practice. Ate complete garbage yesterday—sugar with sugar, mostly. I've never felt impelled to change my diet much before, but now that I'm really paying attention to the differences in my daily practice, there's a lot of motivation to go for the brown rice...

    1. I repeatedly fall into this trap of thinking I'm so active that I can eat whatever I want. Untrue. More and more so as the years go by.