Primary Friday: Taking Rest

Hello!  Good morning!  Salutations, friends.

Pardon my recent absence.  These last few weeks have been nothing but one long day and one short night after the other.  Practice, as usual, has been my anchor amid the whirlwind of work and preparations for the coming fall.  Classes start in two weeks.  I am polishing my spectacles and sharpening my pencils with giddy anticipation.

Just now and for the next few days, I am in Wisconsin resting and visiting with family and friends before we disperse with the winds come September.  I am missing my puppies, but enjoying the change of scenery.  These rural hills and vallies are so green.

Last night, I slept long and well.  The weather here is lovely.  The nights are still and cool, with a soft day sun and a crisp breeze that ruffles the surface of the water, making diminutive waves that smash against the rust-colored rocks which line the surface of the lake.  Soon, I will step outside to do my practice in the grass and commune with the littlest creatures who live deep down in the shag.  Let us hope they are hospitable to me today.

This summer has flown by extraordinarily fast with no chance to sit and pause and really absorb the experience.  This need for pause is showing in my practice in the form of 20-30 minute stays in final rest.  Practice these past few weeks has left me lying on the floor, shrouded in blankets and sweat, eye pillow over my face, not quite asleep but not quite waking, either.  These rests have been so necessary and so very healing.  It is in this in-between space that my mind has found its clarity and peace.

I return home Sunday evening, and beginning Monday night, charge back into the fray.  I wish you all a wonderful and restful weekend.  Let's make the most of this final stretch of summer.  It'll be over before you know it.


  1. Hi Megan,

    Your post reminds me of a caterpillar going into it's cocoon before coming out to be a butterfly. Exciting change awaits. Good luck with your new course. Look forward to hearing about your journey.