by Megan Walker

Off-center.  Leaning back and to the right,
skewed by the tide that sucks the sand from beneath my feet
and weakens my knees.

I can feel my body pulling back.  Wrenching back.
Balance is the natural way.
I seek to change.

Watch me transform myself.  Watch me bathe in the coming wave.
Watch me sink so deep that every pore is purified and
even my dry eyes water with the sting of salt and sealife and pollution.

Let me recede with the water to be reborn.
Let me cease my breath and stop my heart and,
only for a moment, know the stillness that exists in space between.

Show me patience.  Show me guidance.
Show me the coolest, cleanest seas in which to bathe.
Let me lay my blame, just briefly.  Watch me walk into the deep.
See me emerge and see the change and know I'm free.


  1. How very sweet. It's like the beginning relationship with yoga. You meet, you may shy away a bit, like, what? Is this really what's going on? Then you come together and combine, and come out a new person. Namaste :) xoxo

    1. Hi, Writer Yogi. Thank you for sharing your reading of the poem. I'm really glad you found it sweet.